How Much Pain And Trauma Do You Carry In Your Body That Has Been There For So Long That It’s Outside Of Your Conscious Awareness?

How much more energy and joy would you feel if you were free of this?

This is true for your animals too, BUT they often have active pain that they can’t tell you about, and that you can’t see.

Discovered and taught by holistic veterinarian Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(HonsII) – (known as ‘The Healing Vet’), The Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Method is a healing somatic bodywork modality revolutionary in healing chronic pain, anxiety and trauma in pets, people and horses.

Ever felt there was more you could offer your animal companions? Do you work professionally with animals and seek to be able to help and heal them more effectively?

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) helps you to communicate effectively with animals in a way they understand, allowing you to assess their levels of pain and melt pain, tension and imbalances out of their bodies with skillful intentional touch.

Are you interested in maximizing your human potential? Would you like to enjoy vibrant well-being in a comfortable, supple body? How would it feel to have greatly increased awareness and spiritual presence?

The WEBB method sets your bodymind free of old restrictions with somatic bodywork, movement, and embodiment of awareness. This process allows your being to naturally unfold and blossom into more of who you are truly meant to be.

Whole Energy Body Balance - 1


“A thing that is complete in itself”

Whole Energy Body Balance - 2


“The vital force that creates & maintains life”

Whole Energy Body Balance - 3


“The physical being of a person or animal”

Whole Energy Body Balance


“A state of equilibrium or harmony”



Around two years out of veterinary school, Dr Edward was working in a funny little town called Geraldton, just north of Perth. He was fortunate to learn from Dr Tom Ahern, an equine veterinarian who had a special interest in treating horses with bad necks. Dr Tom had developed a particular method of mobilizing the vertebrae in their necks. He would treat horses with lameness that other vets could not find a cause for, and they would come good (sometimes going back onto the track and winning races).

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Whole Energy Body Balance

The WEBB Method

Whole Energy Body Balance is a healing somatic bodywork system that addresses and interacts with the entire physical body and energy systems of pets, people or horses.

On a physical level, it relieves tension in the neuro-fascial network, that has a positive flow-on effect for the entire body.

WEBB also has profound effects on mental and emotional issues, releasing and integrating trapped layers of trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Many people are aware of the way we tense our muscles in relation to stress, and animals are no different. Silent, chronic pain is something that affects many animals. Neck and back pain is a common issue, as is neuro-fascial pain, also known as pain of the connective tissues.

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Products & Training

Whole Energy Body Balance for Pets Practitoiner Training

Coming soon! Embodiment of awareness + The WEBB hands on energy flow technique. A free training in the two most important fundamental skills of the WEBB method ($147 value).

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