Dr Ed’s Events Sept 18th


Bodywork For Pets

Intensive Online Workshop With Dr Ed Monday 2nd October (Melbourne Time) ~ WEBB Tactile Training

In more than 40 years of training and healing animals, I’ve discovered unique, innovative, effective and simple to learn touch based training techniques. Touch is not only innately healing, it causes relaxation, and relaxation super-charges learning, trust, and connection between you and your pets.

In this workshop, I’ll teaching (for the first time)

  • The gentle art of ‘outing’ your dog, which naturally positions you as a strong, benevolent leader,
  • A range of WEBB ‘Yielding To Pressure’ games – off and on lead. These games teach your dogs flexibility, and help them deal with stress and triggers with more ease
  • How to teach your dogs to happily walk on a loose lead, and how to be responsive to gentle pressure as you walk them
  • How to use touch to train your dogs to relax easily and quickly, taking them naturally and easily into peak learning states
  • How to inspire your dogs to want to work with you!
  • How to use loving touch to heal dog anxiety
  • And a whole lot more…

All in all, this intensive online workshop will set you and your dog up to have mutual respect and trust, while teaching your dog how to be obedient and connected with you as needed for safety, and soft and repsonsive to pressure of all kinds, including the lead. 

The primary intention of this workshop is to help you give your dogs more freedom and choice, while happily doing what they are asked when it’s needed. Above all, we are going to have a lot of fun, love, and kindness as you learn together with yoru dogs!

Free Online Pet Anxiety Summit, Hosted By Dr Edward, with 27 Expert Speakers!

This summit is live this week. Learn many approaches, interventions, and treatments (with a very strong holistic focus) that will help you prevent and heal your pet’s anxiety. 

About 70% of dogs are showing signs of anxiety. And many cats! Every pet owner needs to learn what the early sings of anxiety are – because the earlier you act, the more likely you will save your pets from the awful suffering of severe anxiety!

And as I always say, an ounce of prevention is worth a POUND of cure – which is why we have such a strong focus on early recognition, and prevention in this summit. 

I am blown away by the depth of wisdom and experience in this year’s anxiety summit. You will be too, I know! So come on- grab your seat. The VIP pass is incredible value, and gives you lifetime access to all the presentations. You have a special discount, but only when you register, it goes away two hours after you sign up.  

You’ll find out about all sorts of natural, kind, holistic and complementary treatments and interventions that you can use to help your beloved pets. Grab it at the lowest price you can, because the price goes up again when the summit starts, and again when it ends…