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The Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork For Animals Online Practitioner Training

Top Energy Healing Vet Reveals How To Give Your Animals The Best Life Ever...

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

My number 1 priority is that you are happy with your investment. I stand behind my product 100% – no matter what, no holds barred! If you have a problem, reach out to me and I will fix it as soon as possible. If for any reason you decide that the WEBB for Pets online training you have invested in is not a good fit for you, you have a month from your date of purchase to request a refund.

Find Out What Your Pet Can't Tell That They Need You to Know!

How do you feel when your animals are sick and need to go to the vet?

Do you want to be able to do something to help your animals feel better and help them through it?

When your animals need to have surgery, or take prescription medications, do you want to help them heal more quickly, more naturally?

Do you want to do everything in your power to keep your animals so healthy that they don’t need a vet?

If you love and care for your animals, you want natural, safe methods to support their health and vitality throughout their life.

Your animals need you to understand what they need, how they feel, what they can’t say.

WEBB Energywork gives you all of this and more!

Warning: You may have to accept more love, joy, peace, and presence into your life when you enrol in the WEBB for Animals Energywork online training!

No matter who you are (never heard of energy healing? an experienced energy healer?) you will become so much more as you unfold the WEBB Energywork training into your life.

You will become more connected. More intuitive. More Empathic. More powerful. Better able to understand your animals – their feelings, their needs, their desires.

You will become more Present. More aware. Better able to ease pain, tension, trauma, anxiety, illness, and distress from your animals’ lives – and from everyone around you.

You will become better able to maintain clear, healthy boundaries. You will feel more love, more joy, deeper divine connection in your every day. You will enjoy a greater sense of wonder, of magic, of delight.

You will be empowered to understand and help all kinds of animals in a new and wonderful way. WEBB Energywork is for all animals, great and small.

“The new videos are amazing I can actually feel your love and commitment to the animals while watching, making me both laugh and cry. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.”

Jacqui Sahin

Did You Know That Energy Healing
Has Proven Benefits?

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There is a growing body of evidence and high grade research that shows that energy healing has more benefits than a placebo treatment!

Research studies have shown energy healing helps with reducing pain, promoting relaxation, cardiac disease, chronic illness, enhances wound healing, aides recovery from surgery, and helps manage high blood pressure.

Not to mention causing the odd miracle cure (doctors call this a ‘spontaneous remission’ because they have no other way to explain it).

If You Say “Yes” To Any Of The Following,
You Will Love This Training!

  • I love my animals. I want to understand their needs better and to know when they need support, love, and healing
  • I want to support my animal’s health with safe, holistic therapies
  • I want to feel like I can really support my animals when they must go to the vet or have surgery
  • I want to calm my animals and ease their suffering
  • I want to sense and heal energy blockages, restrictions and distortions in my animals before they result in physical illness
  • I know my animals are spiritual beings, and I want to connect with and understand them on this level
  • I want to be able to bless my animals with healing energy, and see that I am making a positive difference in their life
  • I want to work with healing animals as part (or all) of my job

Introducing Your teacher: Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(Hons) – The Healing Vet

Hi – I’m the founder of the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) method, and your teacher. I’m a holistic veterinarian. I graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1995. My passion is relieving pain, tension, trauma and ill health in animals with bodywork and energy healing.

For the last 23 years I have been exploring how to heal animals with intentional touch, bodywork, and energy healing. Energy healing helped me recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when western medicine had run out of answers.

I’ve been using energy healing with every animal I tend to for more than 20 years, and it helps in ways that regular medical and traditional western veterinary treatment simply cannot. I get much better results helping animals to heal using Energy healing in my veterinary practice than when I was newly graduated, and a conventional vet.

WEBB Energywork method is the essence of all the wisdom I have gained from helping thousands of animals with all sorts of issues – pain, tension, anxiety, trauma, depression, and a range of illnesses.

I know that Energy healing is of great benefit for your animals. I’ve seen the positive shifts in animals again and again in my veterinary practice. I believe that in some cases it can be the difference between life and death. I invite you to join the WEBB family so you can bless your animals with this beautiful gift of healing.

Why Is WEBB Energywork Different?

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  • WEBB Energywork is created by a qualified and highly experienced veterinarian (the only vet-created animal energy healing modality available on the planet!). Dr Edward is The Healing Vet, and with good reason. The WEBB method is a distillation of more than 20 years of Dr Edward’s experience in using energy healing in his veterinary work.
  • WEBB Energywork has been primarily created to work with animals. This is unlike other energy healing modalities widely used to help animals such as Reiki, Healing Touch etc. which were created to help humans, and then adapted for animals.
  • WEBB Energywork teaches you how to connect your animals with the natural energy flows that are part of your essential nature. You’ll learn how to connect with yourself, and the natural energy or Chi that vitalises your being from the earth and the universe. You’ll bless your animals with healing energy in a way that leaves you stronger and healthier in yourself.
  • WEBB Energywork teaches you how to assess and relieve blockages, restrictions and distortions in your animal’s energetic anatomy. Dr Edward helps you understand and be able to work with your animal’s chakra system, meridians, and the energy fields surrounding the body. Yes, just like humans, animals have these energy systems too … and it’s critical that they’re supported for your animal to have the best health.
  • WEBB Energywork helps you understand how humans can affect their animals adversely on an energetic level. Humans often carry a lot of baggage and trauma that can cause all sorts of problems for their animals. Most people are not even aware of this. WEBB Energywork teaches you how to work with animals, and how to assess and work with the energy dynamics between animals and their humans (or other animals). Then you can bring healing to the whole family unit.

Benefits Of WEBB Energywork For
Your Animals (And For You!)

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  • Creates greater connection and understanding, better communication, and a deepening of trust and love between you and your animals
  • Supports relaxation.
  • Can calm anxiety and give relief from the aftereffects of trauma
  • Increases vitality and supports well-being
  • Can relieve pain
  • Can accelerate healing from illness and recovery from surgery
  • Can help with chronic illness that is unresponsive to conventional treatment in some cases
  • Can be used alongside all conventional treatments
  • Animals can be treated from a distance (so you can help animals in need anywhere in the world)
  • Can be used to start or grow a pet wellness business (imagine playing with animals for your work- how much fun would that be?)

“Dr. Edward's style of teaching is very structured and with clear demonstrations. He is also very patient and easy to understand ( English is not my native tongue). I attended one weekend workshop via live stream and even though I was on the other side of the planet I felt I was within the "classroom". The energetic partner exercises felt amazing. Further I get positive benefits from the Energy Connection Practices. I feel I raise my state of feeling and in general my own energy awareness is expanding.”

Marion Weikert
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So What’s In The Box?
How Does This Online Training Work?

The WEBB Energywork online Practitioner training is suitable for anyone, with any level of experience. You can choose to work with your own animals (and maybe give free sessions to friend’s animals), or you can get qualified and be able to work on other people’s animals as a practitioner (and charge fees).

You’ll be able to work with all kinds of animals with WEBB Energywork – from mice to elephants or whales (though with wild/large animals, of course you wouldn’t be able to work hands-on).

The first ever 2-day WEBB Energywork training is coming up on the 20th + 21st of June 2020, and is live streaming so that you’ll be able to join us from anywhere in the world.

And a few lucky people can come to the training in Melbourne in person with your dogs (limited numbers only so get in quick!).

The sessions will be recorded, and you’ll have access to the recordings in the online membership website for life (with all future upgrades being free).

There will be a companion eBook that is in development at the moment. You will have instant access to that as soon as I finish it.

Limited Time Special Pricing

WEBB Energywork for Animals Bronze Package

  • Lifetime access to all the training materials + all future upgrades for free. Many trainings only allow you access for a given time. I want you to always have these resources. You’ll be able to watch the videos as often as you want to. And every time I do new teaching videos or other training materials, you’ll get free access to them too. Value = $2000
  • Teaching videos. The two days of the training all broken down into short, easily digestible lessons that you can watch and work through in your own time, at your own pace. Value = $620
  • Comprehensive manual (in development, you get to be a first reader!).. All the information you need to help you understand the WEBB method and put it into practice. Laid out in a nice easy to read format. Value = $120
  • Membership in the WEBB private Facebook group:. Join our dynamic, friendly global community. Meet lovely people, ask questions, share awesome things that help animals! Value = $330
  • A 45 minute WEBB teaching and practice session every two weeks (22 each year). These are a great support to help build a regular practice. They are focused on two simple and important skills from the WEBB Method. Value $2,178/year
  • Two extra free attendances to a livestream of the training with access to the recordings for at least a year. I offer a livestream every 3 months or so over a weekend. You also get recordings of this livestream. WEBB is always changing and growing, and the livestreams are always a great upgrade for you. Value = $994
  • Audio recordings of the meditations (in development). You can take these audios with you and listen to them to strengthen your ability to connect with, hold and direct healing energy. Value = $220
  • Bonus videos of a livestream of the training. More livestream videos will be added over time Value = $310

TOTAL VALUE = $6,772 for one year – up to $15,484 over five years

Special Price $794  (save $5,978) or 12 monthly payments of $79

Purchase Now

WEBB Energywork for Animals Gold Package

  • Everything in the bronze package.
  • One 60 minute Q&A/mentoring webinars each month (20 each year). During these sessions you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, work on your animals with my direct feedback, and develop your WEBB skills further. You may also ask questions about marketing and business building. One webinar timing each month will be UK/Europe friendly, one timing will be USA/Canada friendly. Value = $1,500/year
  • The Qualification process and global certification to become a WEBB for Pets Energywork practitioner. This involves submitting case studies (three treatments on three different animals), and then demonstrating your proficiency in an hour-long assessment session. (This is not an exam, but a supportive and friendly process.) Value = $1,997
  • One 30 minute one-on-one WEBB video teaching session. This is an opportunity for you to have some laser focused support to help you either overcome any challenges or refine your skills. Value $150

TOTAL VALUE = $10,419 for one year – up to $25,131 over five years

Special price $1,588 (save $8,831) or 12 monthly payments of  $158

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WEBB Energywork for Animals Platinum Package

  • Everything in the Bronze + Gold Packages.
  • Free attendance to all future livestreams with access to the recordings for at least 1 year. Reviewing is the best way to grow and grow as a practitioner. There is always more to learn. Value = $1,491/year
  • Three 45 minute private teaching sessions and the recordings. During these sessions you’ll be able ask questions, refine skills in the training, and learn advanced skills not in the training. Value = $675
  • One 60 minute WEBB Mastery webinar each month and access to the recordings for at least 1 year (10 each year). If you want to build a business, you need to connect with and build a community of your people. These webinars will take a deep dive into a different important marketing topic that you need to know about to succeed. These webinars will help you become a leader, someone who people are magnetized to. Value $3,300

TOTAL VALUE = $15,885 for one year, up to $44,3,797 over five years

Special Price $3,176  (save $12,709) or 12 monthly payments of $317

Purchase Now
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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

My number 1 priority is that you are happy with your investment. I stand behind my product 100% – no matter what, no holds barred! If you have a problem, reach out to me and I will fix it as soon as possible. If for any reason you decide that the WEBB for Pets online training you have invested in is not a good fit for you, you have a month from your date of purchase to request a refund.

“I am really enjoying that I can do this course from the comfort of my own home, learning new techniques to help relax my dog and release pain from his body. The presentations are comprehensive and easy to follow and Dr Edwards continued advise to practise, practise and practise some more is what it is all about. I am very pleased to have found this body of work and would recommend this course to all dog owners."

Helen Melrose

Here Is The Curriculum For The Two Days Of Training.


  • Dr Edward’s healing journey
  • Miracles happen
  • When western medicine ran out of answers
  • Tikka – she could feel it!
  • Radical self-care (love)
  • Devotion: the key to healing

Module 1 - Healing: a sacred mystery and a blessing

  • It all begins and ends with you
  • Awareness: the key to freedom
  • Your body: a sacred vessel
  • Empathy: your living birthright
  • Your intuitive sensorium
  • Love is the answer

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Somatic Embodiment of awareness and Energy Connection

Module 2 - The science of healing: vibration, resonance and light

  • Evidence exists!
  • The luminosity
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Biophotons – the light of life
  • Energy is life
  • Yin and yang: a sacred balance

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Holding Space (the foundation skill)

Module 3 - Connecting with the Field

  • The fractal nature of reality
  • Your energy field – a microcosm of the all
  • Your hands hold the universe
  • Boundaries
  • Healthy energy flows
  • Spiritual hygiene 101
  • Personal energy management 101

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Assessment + the WEBB Three Sweep Energy Flow technique

Module 4 - Subtle anatomy 101

  • Physical vs subtle anatomy
  • Subtle anatomy – a flexible reality
  • Infinite complexity
  • The rainbow bridge within
  • Energy bodies
  • An introduction to energy centres, lines and nodes

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Assessment + the WEBB Vortex technique

Module 5 – Working with the energy fields

  • Blockages, restrictions + distortions of energy
  • Deficits + Excesses of energy
  • Releasing + clearing of energy
  • Balancing + grounding of energy
  • Energising + integrating of energy
  • Supporting wholeness

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Assessment + Energywork fundamentals

Module 6 - A rainbow of healing

  • The living miracle that is water
  • Light: the fuel of life
  • Water + light = the prism of life
  • Meeting the rainbow
  • Using colour in energy healing
  • Inhabiting the spectrum

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Assessment + WEBB Colourwork

Module 7 - Integration + Assimilation Part I

  • Habits eat good intentions for breakfast
  • The valley of despair
  • The snowball effect
  • Do the work!
  • Devotion is the answer

WEBB Energywork hands-on: WEBB Energy Integration + Your WEBB practice

Module 8 - Calling in the Divine

  • Non-Physical beings
  • High vibrational beings
  • Your personal guides
  • Archangels, ascended masters
  • Nature spirits, faerie kin
  • Spiritual hygiene 102

WEBB Energywork hands-on: Assessment + Clearing energies

Module 9 - Vibrational medicine