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What is fascia? +

Fascia is a tissue rich in sensory nerves that runs throughout the entire body, providing structure and allowing for movement around every muscle and organ. Because of the way fascia is layered and interconnected, when one area is tense, it can affect movement and feeling in another area. So, when we work on a dog’s paw, for instance, we’re effectively inviting healthy movement throughout the whole body.

Does WEBB cause pain or discomfort? +

The process of palpation may cause slight discomfort. When working with animals, they will always communicate what they most need in the moment.. By using the WEBB method, it’s possible to work through the discomfort and create a release for that pain or tension. WEBB practitioners always listen to the patient, adjusting the pressure to a level that the patient can relax into even while releasing pain and tension.

What can my dog or cat expect from a WEBB treatment? +

You will always be present when your animal companion is receiving treatment.

Initially, your practitioner will communicate gently and kindly to set boundaries to establish trust and respect between themselves and the animal. This is important for their safety, before performing hands-on work.

A treatment may go for up to 40 minutes, during which time Your practitioner will assess the entire body through palpation and observation before using a broad range of hands-on skills to release pain, tension, blockages and restrictions from the physical body and energy systems of your pet. Animals generally show signs of deep relaxation during their WEBB treatment.

Most animals gain the greatest benefits form an initial series of treatments, followed by regular maintenance treatments.

How do dogs communicate? +

Dogs communicate mostly with body language, using subtle physical cues to indicate their mood and health. This can include the direction and intensity of their gaze, soft blinking and the posture of their eyelids, ear positioning, whole body direction, body tension, rate of breathing, and ease of breathing.

You may often see me communicating with dogs using similar behaviour!

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