Awesome! You made a time for your free WEBB discovery call with Dr Edward!

Hi- It's Dr Edward here. 

Thanks so much for your interest in the WEBB work, and booking a free WEBB demo/discovery video call. 

Do you see your pets as part of your family?

Would you like to be able to melt their pain, tension and trauma away with loving, intentional touch?

If you said 'YES!', then before we connect on zoom, please complete all of the following steps.

I'll be available to answer all your questions about WEBB, and demonstrate on my animals if you wish. 

Step one: Watch this video so you can see WEBB in action

Raj is a dog with a lot of pain and trauma. His owner was worried he might bite me - and he would have if I wasn't careful, sensitive and respectful. You'll see him very worried and tense in the beginning, and then transitioning to totally relaxed as I ease the pain and tension from his body with the WEBB Bodywork. 

This is a 15 minute edit of 45 minute WEBB treatment. It's the first time I had ever worked with him. There was a big change in him after the treatment, too. 

Step two: Watch these very short videos so you can see how WEBB helped this dog

These videos show a lovely older whippet belonging to one of our WEBB students. This dog had been very unwell for a long time, and improved out of sight very quickly with WEBB treatments given to her by her mum while learning WEBB in the online training. 

From L to right the videos show before, after one treatment, then after several treatments. Notice the change in her movement! You can see a huge difference. Her mum also saw a lot of positive shifts in her behaviour and overall wellbeing with the WEBB work. 

1: Before any WEBB Treatment

2: After one WEBB Treatment

3: After a few WEBB Treatments

Step three: Visit the WEBB Bodywork for Pets info page

Please read through the info about the training and have a good think about which online training package suits you best. If you're not sure, I can help you work out which one is the best fit on your demo call. 

Step four: Visit the WEBB Energywork info page

This is a separate training, focused on high level energy healing skills for use with all kinds of animals. You don't need to do both, I have many students getting amazing results with WEBB Bodywork alone, but it is deeply complementary and will help you help animals even more. If you enrol in both at the same time you get a nextra discount. If energy healing isn't your cup of tea, please feel free to skip step four...

Step five: Jot down all your questions

It really helps to be clear about what you need to know to get the most out of your call! I loook forward to meeting you and your animals!

PS - I have two free webinars. Have you seen them both? The first one is a masterclass on silent (neuro-fascial) pain in pets (very commonly missed by pet parents, and by many vets) and the second one is the WEBB fundamentals training/practice session. If you missed one of them, it would be great for you to watch both before your discovery call...