Helping your pets #28 – Recovery and Rebuilding


recovery and rebuilding

Recovery and Rebuilding are WAY more important than you might think when it comes to your pets!

Recovery and rebuilding are so important. We all have challenges and setbacks as we move through life, and our pets will too. Illness, accidents, stressful events – large and small. We can’t avoid them. Our pets can’t avoid them either- they are a fact of life.

We can use smaller setbacks and challenges to practice and train in recovery and rebuilding. The more we do this for ourselves, the more capacity we will have to help our pets as they go through the processes of recovery and rebuilding alongside us.

Everything that happens to us affects our pets. And everything that happens to our pets affects us. This means that every time anyone in the family has to go through the process of recovery and rebuilding, everyone is going through the process – either actively, or in a supporting role.

Setbacks, challenges, illness, any events that upset your applecart (or your pet’s applecart) can be a real sticking point when it comes to creating a healthy, happy life for yourself, for your pets, for the whole family. It can be all to easy to get discouraged, and to stop doing important things like self-care.

I’ve found that the more I practice recovery and rebuilding, the better I get at it – and the more I can help my pets if they need to go through recovery and rebuilding after something happens to them. Everyone wins when I consistently show up and get stuck into recovery and rebuilding, no matter how I feel.

I’m just home from an overseas trip last week. I’ve been feeling tired, grumpy, achey, and flat. And I have not let that stop me from getting up early and getting stuck into my self-care, exercises, and meditation. At the same time, I have taken it a little bit more easy on myself than usual.

I have been careful to eat well, take my supplements, and NOT to collapse in a sorry-for-myself heap and not do the hard things I need to do to have a quick, effective process of recovery and rebuilding form the demands of international travel.

This means there is more of me here for my pets, so they are happier too!

How good are you at rebuilding and recovery? If the answer is ‘not very’ – start practicing with small things- had a bad night’s sleep? Get up when your alarm goes, even when you don’t want to. Tweak your shoulder a bit, so it’s sore? Don;t use it as an excuse to stop exercising – modify your program while your shoulder heals.

If you have major setback or incident, then start your process of recovery and rebuilding straight away, in small, achievable ways, and stick at it until you;re done, no matter how long it takes!

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