How to help your pets #22 – Clarity and Action


Clarity and Action

Clarity and Action – necessary ingredients for a healthy life for your pets, and for you!

How good are you with the themes of clarity and action? Can you get clear, so you know what needs to be done, and then get it done in a timely fashion, without stress and bother? I find that a lot of my clients struggle with clarity and action, and often their pets pay the price.

Before I talk more about how to create clarity, so you can then act in the best possible way, I’d like to dig into the meanings and definitions of these words with you.

Clarity: ‘Clear and easy to understand, hear, or see’. ‘The ability to think about or understand something clearly’. The deeper meaning is: ‘Make clear’, ‘Radiance, glory, splendour’.

Action: ‘The process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim’. ‘Accomplishment of a thing’. The deeper meaning is: ‘To do’, ‘Noteworthy activity’.

Make sense? Make it easier to understand just how important the themes of Clarity and Action are in your life? I give a lot of time and attention to getting clear about things. Most times, having clarity before action leads to better outcomes. Sometimes, you have to experiment by taking action to find greater clarity though.

It’s important not to get stuck in the clarity phase – if you research and think and pondre too much, you can get stuck, and then nothing happens at all. You need to get as clear as you can in a reasonable amount of time. If you drag out your clarity process too long, momentum dies, and you’ll stagnate.

The secret to powerful Clarity and Action is to keep moving!

Get as clear as you can without taking forever. Then take action- but use the actions you take to increase your clarity over time. Your action is a living experiment. If you thought you were clear, but really you weren’t, how your actions turn out will give you feedback,a nd you’ll gain more clarity. Then you’ll adjust your actions, and they will become more effective.

These themes are important throughout your life, but they are especially so for your pets when you are dealing with health issues. This is where your capacity for powerful Clarity and Action helps you help your pets more quickly and effectively.

Your pet gets sick. You take them to the vet. The vet examines your pet and works up some differential diagnoses. Then they might need to do some diagnostic tests (bloods, x-rays, etc). The information that comes form this helps the vet gain more clarity, so they can act in a more effective way when it comes to prescribing medications and treatments.

But you might need to ask a whole lot of questions, maybe even seek a second opinion, before you can get to the point of clarity where you can then make the best possible informed choice for your animals treatment. Maybe you decide with the vet to try some treatments or medications. Then your pet’s response to treatment shows you if this is the best action, or if you need to try something different.

As you can see, clarity and action affect each other. The more clarity you can gain, the better choices you’ll make when it comes to your actions. The more you take action in a timely, intelligent fashion, the better the outcomes are, and the more quickly you create positive changes. It’s well worth practicing!

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