Helping your pets #30 – Heart and Endurance


Heart and Endurance are more important than you might realise.

I had a challenging weekend. Painful body, grumpy mind, feeling like everything was awful, no matter where I looked. I could only see the bad. I was doing everything I could to shift my mood, but nothing much was helping. Then I started thinking about heart and endurance. Almost instantly, the grey cloud started to lift.

I think the key thing was tuning into what my heart needed. What path in life nourished my heart best. As soon as I started brainstorming about that, everything changed. For me, a heart-centered life is the key. I want to live a live that is loving, kind, and in service to animals, humans, and our beautiful planet.

Without heart and endurance (more about endurance in a bit) I found that I had lost my way. I’d gotten distracted, read too much news (most of which is bad, even though there is so much good news in the world), scrolled too much on social media.

As soon as I got back to the heart of myself, and started making choices from that perspective, everything rapidly started to fall into place. I could see what I needed to do. And I could see my pets sigh a big breath of relief, too. As soon as I shifted, my pets felt the difference, and they felt better too.

As soon as I got aligned with heart and endurance for myself, my heart connection with my animals came back online in the most beautiful way. I could connect with them, be present with them, tend to them, and be in relationship with them so much more strongly.

How can you naturally build greater heart and endurance for you and your pets?

How is your heart? When we look at the deeper meaning, the oldest meaning of the word, we find this: “seat of inmost feelings; will; seat of emotions, especially love and affection; seat of courage.” I think it’s interesting that your heart is also the seat of your courage.

But that kind of makes sense, as it does take courage to listen to your heart, to follow your heart, and to create a healthy, vibrant, heart-centered life. A life with heart helps you build endurance – but it’s a more free-flowing, kinder endurance, with less need to push. You’ll feel more inspired to endure, in other words.

I invite you to check in with your heart, and listen deeply. Your life will naturally shift, and heart and endurance will become a strong, healthy way of life for you, and your pets!

Heart and endurance! It came to me yesterday that endurance is a key quality or a healthy, successful life. Over the weekend, I had to endure feeling awful until I got to the point where I had a breakthrough and things then changed. But I also need endurance to keep on doing all the things that must be done for a healthy life – in relationship, home, business, and with my animals.

I have to have strong, balanced heart and endurance – one without the other leads to suffering, in my experience. All heart and no endurance, then nothing much actually gets done. All endurance and no heart, in my experience, leads to a grim, uncomfortable life.

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