How to help your pets #23 – Expansion and Contraction


expansion and contraction

EXPANSION and contraction – the deepest rhythm of life for you and your pets?

Life starts with the expansion of fertilisation, the first cell divisions, and continues inside the mother’s uterus until the contractions birth the new life out into the world. Then this living being’s new life begins with their first breath – an expansion. Then an out-breath. Which is a contraction.

EXPANSION and contraction are always happening in many interlocking cycles ranging from very quick (heartbeats) right through to very long cycles (life and death). They affect us all intimately. And our societies are hyper-focused on expansion, on doing, on growing and growing and more and more and more!

This inevitably leads to a boom and bust. Expansion and contraction need to be in balance. If you have too much emphasis on expansion, sooner or later you’ll collapse into a very unhealthy contraction. Collapse, burnout, illness. No choice but to stop.

I did this to death, and had 20 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result. I pushed and pushed and pushed, fought any and all contractions. And then I collapsed.

It wasn’t a lot of fun. I don’t recommend it. Making friends with contractions in your life is very healthy. Contractions are necessary. This is where you nourish your life, where you relax, where you rebuild, where you heal, where you come out stronger and healthier.

Your relationship with expansion and contraction affects your pets deeply.

If you always bias your pets towards expansion (arousal, activity, doing, alertness), then you get a wired, anxious, distressed, and often chronically unwell pet. If you don’t teach your pets how to relax, switch off, and be calm (contraction), then they will burn out, and they’ll be a real pain to live with.

Your pets should spend 80% of their time (this includes sleeping time) in contraction, relaxation, calm. Your pets need to be taught how to relax, how to be calm, how to contract in a healthy way. Humans are generally incredibly awful at doing this.

Also – if you are continually propping yourself up with stimulants, distractions, scrolling, and never switching off, relaxing, and allowing your healthy contractions, there is so much less of you available for your pets. And they come into rapport with you. So they ‘catch’ your unhealthy, chronic expansion. Everyone suffers when you do this.

it’s up to you to lead and manage the household when it comes to expansion and contraction. If you have a big event, you need to schedule time for recovery, and downtime. That’s what I’m doing today after a big weekend of teaching. I had a sleep-in. I’m taking rests in between writing my newsletter, and this blog. I’m giving myself space to feel tired, to listen to my body, and to rest more than usual.

With your pets, this might look like intentional calming, soothing, and relaxing time after going out for a walk or a play-date with doggy friends. It might look like a quiet week for your pets after a weekend with visitors.

I encourage you to get very comfortable with the contraction pahses in your life. When you do, you’ll then be able to expand a lot more, in a much healthier way. You’ll have greater capacity to grow, to be, to live. An your pets will benefit massively form you managing your expansion and contraction phases in a healthy way.

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