How to help your pets #12 – Joy and Wonder


joy and wonder

You and your pets, working together, can create so much joy and wonder in your lives!

It can be all too easy to get lost in the weeds. The stresses and pressures of work, of business. The demands of relationship. The world, with all its chaos, violence, war, and so on. That way lies madness, because you MUST have joy and wonder in your day-to-day life. For me this is the fuel that not only fills my tank, but that uplifts my mind, my heart, and my soul. Your pets are great teachers when it comes to joy and wonder. And they can also be a great source of this for us, their humans.

Let’s dig into the definitions and deeper meanings of these words.

Joya feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Deeper meaning: gladness, delight.

Wonder: to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe. Deeper meaning: be astonished.

Your pets help you access and experience joy and wonder

Every time you interact with, touch, and especially when you play with your pets, you’ll naturally generate joy and wonder. I know with my pets, I can hardly help but smile when I see them, and they all do funny little things that lighten up my everyday. They are their own, unique, amazing personalities – and they show how they love me again and again. Every time I stop, connect with my pets, create a moment of simply being with them, everything softens, relaxes, settles, and a smile blossoms across my face.

Try it with your pets! The more you can pause, connect, and if possible, play a game, any kind of game, the happier your life will become. And your pets will become happier too – because joy and wonder are contagious! Not to mention them being very good for the immune system and vitality. Of course, the more you do things that give your pets joy, and new, enjoyable experiences, the happier and healthier your pets will be too.

It’s the ultimate win/win. So stop being serious, step away from the stresses of your life, and make it a priority to spend quality time with your pets. Relaxed time. No distractions, no phones. Go out and take your dog for a walk, let them sniff, play a game, and you’ll naturally experience increased joy and wonder. In addition, find other things that you love to do, and get out and do them as often as you can- art, music, thatre, dance, great food, beautiful places in nature, good writing, friends, time with your beloved…

But, like so many things, you must make the effort to reap the rewards. Nothing just happens without you making time, and most especially, making it a priority. Action is always required to get the best possible outcomes for your pets, and for you! So go on, get out there, and create joy and wonder for you and for your beloved pets…

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Pic of our lovely chooks, who give me a good dose of joy and wonder every time I see them!

joy and wonder