How to help your pets #10 – Presence + Flexibility


presence and flexibility

Presence and flexibility are necessary ingredients to keep you and your pets happy and healthy. Simple as that!

When I was younger, I was all over the place – disorganized, flakey, and unable to focus. This meant that I struggled to create a harmonious life. Presence and flexibility were almost completely lacking for me – I simply didn’t have these skills and qualities available.

And I know that this meant that the animals (pets, dogs, horses) that shared my life at this time suffered due to my lack. They suffered because I wasn’t present enough to receive and respond to their communication. They suffered because I wasn’t flexible enough to adapt how I interacted with them to suit their needs. I was rigid, absent – and though I was extremely motivated, and not stupid, I often struggled in many aspects of my life.

Presence and flexibility are something that I only started to think about and practice in a solid way in the last 5-6 years. It’s no coincidence that this period of time has seen tremendous healing and evolution for me on a personal level. It’s also no coincidence that my animals have become a whole lot happier, and that my relationship with them has become a whole lot deeper and more beautiful at the same time! My dogs and cats want to spend more time with me. They trust me more deeply.

Let’s define presence and flexibility

Presence can be defined as: Being aware of yourself internally, and the external environment, engaging all of your senses, in a calm and grounded fashion. Knowing who you are, and what is happening. 

For me, presence is something that grows more and more the more I work at being present- coming into my body, allowing myself to feel whatever is happening, and being alert to the environment. Very importantly, it’s also about being with other beings. Another way I describe presence as is giving my undivided attention to myself, the place I am in, and the beings who are present with me. 

Of course, presence and flexibility take a lot of practice, and your capacity for each and both with vary at different times. If you’re having a really good day, it might all seem pretty easy. The true test of your presence and flexibility is how well you can hold it in the face of challenges!

Flexibility can be defined as: a willingness to change or compromise. The ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation. The root meaning is pliant, to bend.

Of course, you can be overly flexible. As with just about everything in life, you can always go too far. Too much flexibility might lead to unhealthy compromise, which could harm you, your life, and your dogs and cats too. Healthy flexibility requires presence, so you can be aware of how much flexibility is required, and only bend so far as to stay healthy.

Presence and flexibility are necessary partners. The more you strengthen your presence, the more you’ll be able to see when and how it’s best to be flexible. The more flexible you become, the more you’ll be able to refine all of the practices that increase your presence.

When it comes to caring for your dogs and cats, the more presence and flexibility you have in your life, the better you’ll be able to give your pets what they need. All of your attention. Deeper connection. More sensitivity to subtle signs of unwellness or distress. Better ability to communicate with, teach, and train your dogs and cats, so you can all live together happily and safely. And a whole lot more.

Your dogs and cats will really appreciate more healthy flexibility from you. For them, it means that when you are with them, they can feel all of your love and attention. It means that you’ll find the best way to adapt to your pet’s needs when it comes to play, training, and everything else.

You’ll be more sensitive to their needs. You’ll be better organized, because you’ll see what’s happening and what most needs to be done at any given moment. You’ll be more proactive. And if my experience is anything to go by, you’ll be a whole lot happier and healthier!

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