Helping your pets #26 – Vulnerability and Faith


vulnerability and faith

Vulnerability and Faith – Strange companions? Or perfect partners to help you help your pets better?

I’ve been kind of stressed and anxious recently. About the world. Interest rates. The challenges of being in business when the world is in a global household-level recession depression. I kind of clocked out. Dissociated.

Why? because it was uncomfortable to be vulnerable with myself – to feel my state of being, to allow my states of consciousness to be fully present. I’d also lost my faith in myself, in the universe, in everything. Vulnerability and faith are simple. And sometimes not so easy.

Let’s explore the meanings of these words/themes.

Vulnerability: ‘a willingness to show emotion or to allow one’s weaknesses or challenges to be seen or known’ – or ‘showing up and being seen’. The deeper meaning is: ‘wounding’.

I think this is interesting. We have to open ourselves up to allow others in. And we have to open up to ourselves if we want to be whole, present, and able to connect deeply with others in our lives.

Faith: ‘great trust or confidence in something or someone’ or ‘trust that someone will do what has been promised’. The deeper meaning is: ‘loyalty, honesty, belief.’

I believe that vulnerability and faith are important supports for each other in our lives. I know that the more vulnerable I can be with myself, the more vulnerable I can be with my beloved. My animals are happier, more connected, and better behaved when I can be with the uncomfortable emotions that are part of my experience.

The more vulnerable people are, the more I can trust them. They aren’t hiding things. They are more open, more honest. Same with your pets. You opening up to your self helps you open up with your pets more and more deeply.

This is where faith comes in. We all need faith. Faith in ourselves to show up in our lives, nop matter how hard it may be. Faith that we are part of a larger picture, the universe, great spirit, call it what you will. Now I can’t prove that there is a bigger picture, or a divine intelligence that we are all reflections of. But when I choose to have this kind of faith (that my life has meaning, essentially), I’m so much happier, and more functional too.

Vulnerability and faith – how this affects your pets…

The more you can open up to, create, and maintain your own vulnerability and faith, the more of you is available for your pets. More presence. More connection. Which makes your pets feel safer and more loved. Which then su-regulates their rest/digest/regenerate nervous system, which makes their immune system stronger, and which makes them happier and healthier.

Doing this helps you, too. Maybe you’ve been sitting on grief over the loss of a dearly beloved animal, keeping a lid on that with the ones who remain. If so, sitting with your pets, connecting with your grief, and letting it flow, is deep medicine not only for you, but for your pets. They can then support and heal you with their loving presence.

The more you withhold yourself, the more isolated you are, and the more you’ll lose connection with your pets. So be vulnerable! Have faith in yourself, and something greater than you. Reemember to smile. Generate gratitude. And then keep on doing the next best thing as you walk through this blessed life. You’ll build more and more vulnerability and faith as you go!





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