Helping your pets #27 – Yin and YANG


Yin and YANG

Yin and YANG – powerful principles/ideas/metaphors that =you can use to live a better life, and help your pets!


Yin and YANG – you’ve probably heard these terms. They are talked about a lot. But do you really understand them? And can you put Yin and YANG into practice in a meaningful, practical way in your life? I find putting Yin and YANG into practice is incredibly valuable for me in my life, and I’m going to share with you how to do this.

But first, let’s explore what Yin and YANG are. This is a complex relational concept that comes from Chinese culture It’s been developed over thousands of years. It’s considered that Yin and YANG are continually born from Taiji – the ‘Supreme Ultimate’ state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential. Another way to think of this is that primordial energy is differentiated into these two forces, and then all other energies, beings, and things are an expression of Yin and YANG forces in interacting and expressing in different ways and proportions.

Yin and YANG are complementary forces that interact continually in a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts. Yin is attractive, passive, and receptive, while YANG is repelling, active, and expansive. We see cycles of Yin and YANG in all things – day/night, summer/winter, birth/death, etc.

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Here’s a symbol you will have seen before. Black is Yin, white is YANG. You’ll notice that there is a seed of Yin within the YANG teardrop and a seed of YANG within the Yin.

But how do we make this practical? You’ll sit somewhere on the spectrum from very YANG through to very Yin in how you express life, in how you act. If you are more Yin, you’ll be quieter, more introverted, less likely to be super active and impulsive. If you’re more YANG, you’ll be active, louder, and more dynamic.

I believe we need to be able to express both YIn and YANG in all aspects of our lives. With our pets, sometimes we need an active, firm boundary that takes YANG energy to express and maintain. Other times we need a soft, gentle, receptive Yin approach.

This all takes practice, and stretching out of our sweet spot or comfort zone. If Yin is you go-to, you’ll need to stretch into and practice YANG. And vice versa. But when you understand and practice and get to a point where you can move through and have a healthy expression right through the Yin and YANG spectrum, you’ll find that you’ll be able to meet your animals, and your life, in a much more beautiful and functional way.

Always remember this- the more strongly Yin your expression is, the more you need to keep connected with the YANG seed, so you don’t become a soft floppy mess. And the more YANG your expression, the more you need the Yin seed to soften and be sensitive, so you don’t go too hard and cause harm.

Yin and YANG. Awesome ideas that make a fantastic difference in life…

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Picture of Gem trying out her new bed in the Whippet Palace!

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