Helping your pets #31 – Chaos and Harmony


Chaos and Harmony

Chaos and Harmony are forces of nature. Are you at the mercy of them? If so, your pets are in trouble!

I have to admit that I love harmony – but at the same time, while I’m pretty good at creating it, I do have a challenge in maintaining it. And I have struggled most of my life when it comes to chaos, change, uncertainty. It’s something that I’ve had to learn how to master (as best I can, this is DEFINITELY still a work in progress). Chaos and harmony are things that affect your pets, too, and if you suck at them, your pets are missing out!

Let’s look at the meaning fo these words.

Chaos: In physics – ‘the property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions’ – and generally – ‘complete disorder and confusion’. The deeper meaning is: ‘gaping void; empty, immeasurable space’

Isn’t that interesting? I placed the physics definition first, because order (harmony) naturally arises from chaos. What seems to be complete disorder and confusion actually holds the seeds of order. However, we humans may get confused and stressed when things are chaotic, because they are unpredictable.

Chaos and Harmony. They go hand in hand, one cycles into the other, and so on.

Harmony: ‘the combination of separate but related parts in a way that uses their similarities to bring unity’. The deeper meaning is: ‘means of joining’, ‘agreement of feeling, concord’.

Harmony is relaxing, predictable, enjoyable… But it becomes boring if the same kind of harmony just goes on and on. There’s no growth, no evolution. While it’s enjoyable, we need change to be healthy in life. And all change is chaotic.

Mastering Chaos and Harmony is one of the most wonderful things you can do for your pets!

How do you master chaos and harmony? The first thing to realise is that mastering anything is an ongoing process. You can never stop learning and growing. Mastery is ongoing learning and refinement. I always want to feel at least a little bit like a beginner, no matter how good I get at anything.

When it comes to chaos, I believe that to master and flow through chaotic times, relaxing, letting go, flexibility, and creativity are my best friends. (Allied with large doses of healthy self-care practices.) Simply taking time to stop, to rest, and allow my nervous system to settle often opens up all kinds of ideas and possibilities.

Creating harmony takes time and effort. The more you do it, the more momentum you gather. Creating harmony tends to reduce chaos – something as little as tidying up your desk every day is a powerful harmony practice. I also like to bring beauty into my life in the form of things, experiences, friends, and community. This helps SO MUCH!

Chaos and harmony are unavoidable. So you need to make ongoing effort to increase your skills and capacity to master moving through chaos, and creating harmony in your life. The more you do this, the more your pets benefit. Because how you are affects your pets very deeply.

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