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Holistic Pet Health Mastery Program

What if you were a problem for your pets, and you didn’t even realise?

Did you know that your stress, your trauma, and all of your unconscious behaviours could be hurting your pets, every day?

If you worry that you don’t give your pets the best possible life, here’s your opportunity to make a massive, lasting difference for your fur kids (and for you!)

If you can relate to any of these questions, I strongly urge you to read on

So many beautiful, loving, caring pet guardians answer yes to too many of these questions.

Every week I help pet guardians who don’t realise that they (the human) are the biggest drag on their pet’s health + happiness…

…people who are frustrated, guilty, feeling like they are failing their pets every day…

AND… desperate to help their pets when they really need to help themselves first.


I’ve always been fascinated with why certain people have happy, vibrant pets, and others have anxious, chronically sick pets who often just don’t seem to respond to treatment.

I’m also curious about why so many people treat their animals a whole lot better than they treat their lovely selves! (Sound familiar? Do you love and care for yourself as well as you do your pets?)

I’ve also been fascinated in the process of inner transformation, and how this creates deep healing for you and everyone you are in relationship with (especially your animals).

Along the way I’ve had to overcome serious chronic illness, trauma, addictions and abusive marriages. I’ve had to find out what really works when it comes to making a difference in my life. And I’ve seen massive improvements in my animals every time I’ve helped myself.


I wanted to help animals more than anything else in the world. That’s sort of ironic, because in the past my own animals had issues I couldn’t help them with, and I wasn’t very good at being kind and loving to myself.

Have you ever wanted to help your animals more than you can now?

But not known how to unlock that puzzle, no matter how hard you tried, no matter how much money you poured into the vets?

Before I understood that truly loving myself (being kind to myself, embracing my fears, making friends with my trauma, owning my shadow) was the path to making the biggest possible positive difference in my pets’ lives (and creating good health, business success, and peace for me)

I was not loving and kind to myself.

I was disconnected and absent from my animals, and everyone.

I had a Master’s degree in avoidance and procrastination.

I would look at my pets and know that I was a source of anxiety and stress for them, even though I was doing the best I could.

I often felt guilty when I looked at my  pets, though I didn’t even know why.

In my dream of dreams, I wanted to go beyond putting out fires for people pets when it came to their health. I wanted to empower people to be the change their animals needed so much. But despite working hard, learning new things, and always showing up, I couldn’t help people help their pets as much as I wanted to.

I learned the hard way that even when you give animals the best possible health care, if the human is the sticking point (as they so often are), nothing will really help.

Here’s the honest truth: Loving and caring for your pets and doing everything you can for them does not mean that you’ll be able to make them happy and healthy.

If you’re wondering why I’m sharing all of this, it’s because I want to make it clear to you that one insight has helped me help pet guardians truly make a difference in their pets’ lives more than anything else.

You may love your pets more than life itself.

You may research ceaselessly and spend squillions on supplements and holistic vet care.

You may be sitting on a virtual gold mine of wisdom and experience when it comes to caring for your pets’ health.

But until you have the support you need to learn how to connect with, love, and care for yourself at least as much as you do for your animals, you’ll never be able to make the difference for your pets that you want to.

(Please read that last sentence again.)

Are you ready to step up and learn how to love yourself so you can transform your pets’ lives for the better?

Most animal guardians don’t think of themselves. They think about what they can do for their animals. They think about what supplements, what exercise, what treatments will help. Their own lovely selves are way down their list of priorities. Often at the bottom!

They give everything to their animals.

The problem is, you can never give your pets what they truly deserve if your own cup is not full. You have a huge impact on your pets. The simple truth is that you need to love, care for, and heal yourself to be able to bless your animals with the life they deserve.

If you know in your heart it’s time for you to gather your beautiful heart and courage, to show up for yourself so you can make a massive, lasting difference in your pets’ lives

I invite you to join me for…

The Whole Energy Body Balance Holistic (Pet) Health Mastery Program

Caring For and Loving Yourself to Make a Difference for Your Pets

So, what if you think your pets are already as happy and healthy as they can be? What if you think your relationship with your animals can’t get any better?

If you think you can’t make a difference for your pets by enrolling in this program, think again.

The honest truth is this:  if you have never done any personal growth work, if you haven’t made friends with your trauma, if you haven’t done any shadow work, then you are a negative influence on your pets (unintentionally, of course).

(And if you have, you’ll know that it’s a lifetime journey. The more work you do on this level, the more you’ll help your pets. I am continually engaged in this sort of personal work, and my relationship with my animals is still getting better. And they are becoming happier, too. I promise you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference!)

Many people think they are doing all they can for their animals, but really aren’t. They have the brakes on, and are scared to take the steps they need to for their animal’s sakes.

Truly caring for your pets is about being willing to do what you need for YOU to be relaxed, happy, healthy and present, no matter what it takes.

This program will help you to learn how to connect with and nurture yourself so that you’ll have so much more to give to your animals.

Are you ready to take the ultimate step to help your pets?

Are you ready to treat yourself like you treat your dog? (or cat!) Imagine how that might feel.


At its core, this year long program is a holistic approach to becoming the person that your animals need – calm, happy, vibrant and above all present and connected. You will learn how to BE the person that animals are truly nurtured by.

The secret sauce is that you’re doing this work for and with your beloved animals. That’s what makes this program unique, and so effective! Can you think of any stronger motivation than you love for your pets?


That’s why  the main focus in this program is on you. Yes, I’ll cover all the holistic pet health fundamentals, because they are very important, but you are the master key to your animal’s wellbeing.

We have a range of packages, so no matter what your situation in life, you can learn how to help your pets by helping yourself.

This is a 12 month program because it takes time to make meaningful change in yourself and in your life.

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Our number 1 priority is that you are happy with your investment. We stand behind this program 100%, no matter what! If you have a problem, reach out to us and we will fix it as soon as possible. If for any reason you decide that the WEBB Holistic (Pet) Health Mastery program you have invested in is not a good fit for you, you have a month from your date of purchase to request a full refund.

Bronze Package

During the course of this 12 month program, you’ll receive:


Guided instruction through 10 virtual group coaching and training video workshops that cover:

Workshop #1:   Loving Yourself as Much as You Love Your Pets (With Ease)

Workshop #2:    Embodying Presence: Bringing all of Yourself to Life

Workshop #3:   Relaxation: the Magic Pill for Transformation in Your Life

Workshop #4:   Creating New Habits: the True Engine For Lasting Change

Workshop #5:   Shaping Your Environment for Vibrant Wellbeing

Workshop #6:    Healthy Fitness & Healthy Play

Workshop #7:    What You Eat is Who You Are

Workshop #8:    Bringing Your Shadow into the Light

Workshop #9:    Making Friends With Your Trauma

Workshop #10: Being Strong and Healthy in Relationship

Each webinar delivers high value – and you’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions addressed personally by me.

* all these sessions are recorded for you to playback and review at your convenience in the membership website..

$ 0


Membership in the Holistic (Pet) Health Mastery private Facebook:

This is a friendly support forum, and you also have the opportunity to ask me questions any time you need to. It’s also an invaluable place to show up in, where you can be accountable to the group in whatever way serves you. There’s nothing like the support of like-minded  people to keep you motivated and effective!

$ 0


The only way you can have Holistic Veterinary Services and Whole Energy Body Balance treatments with Dr Edward:

I only want to work with people who are committed. People who are willing to do what their pets need. People who are eager to help themselves, so they then make a difference in their animal’s lives. You must be a part of this program to be a vet or WEBB client with me. (In addition, you’ll get 25% off all professional fees any time you have a consultation for your pets.)

$ 0


Special bonus for the Bronze package:

One free enrollment in the WEBB Somatic Relaxation technique online training (bronze package)

One enrollment in the WEBB Somatic Relaxation technique online training. This online training is focused on helping you help dogs (and cats) with anxiety, over-arousal, and a range of poor behaviours. It’s a gentle combination of hands-on work that teaches your pet’s whole being how to relax and be at peace, alongside learning how to gently demand healthy boundaries by talking dog in a whole new way.

$ 0

Total value = $3,197

or $267/month

Special limited-time price $99/month (save 63%)
pay $900 upfront + save a further $288

Please note that we provide part or full scholarships for anyone in financial hardship. Please email dredward@thehealingvet.com to request. We believe that no animals should miss out on the benefits of this program just because their humans are short on money!

Gold Package

During the course of this 12 month program, you’ll receive:


Everything in the Bronze package

$ 0


Ten 45 minute intensive one-on-one Whole Energy Body Balance Holistic Health Mastery sessions with Dr Edward.

During these sessions, you’ll enjoy my 100% presence and support. With a combination of healing dialogue, life coaching, energy healing, and deep presence you’ll have the opportunity to bring to light and overcome whatever is holding you back in yourself and in your life.

I’ll be there to help you  in whatever way you need, AND I’ll lovingly keep you accountable. Accountability is one of the magic ingredients in really changing your life for the better.

You’ll also be able to ask any veterinary/holistic health questions concerning your animals.

$ 0


Up to six 15 minute emergency sessions with Dr Edward.

If you get stuck between your intensive calls, simply contact me, and I’ll speak with you as soon as I can (during business hours) to help you get ‘unstuck’.

$ 0


Special bonus for the Gold package:

One free enrollment in the WEBB for Pets Bodywork online training (bronze package)

You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to find and melt away silent pain, tension, trauma and anxiety with this world leading online training in healing bodywork for companion animals.

$ 0

Total value = $6,901

or $575/month

Special limited-time price $297/month (save 48%)
pay $3,000 upfront + save a further $564

Platinum Package

During the course of this 12 month program, you’ll receive:


Everything in the Gold package

$ 0


Instead of ten 45 minute intensive sessions every month, you have Forty! One a week during the active months!

If you want to build REAL momentum in terms of transforming your life, regular support and accountability is the secret sauce. This is why I work with my life coach weekly, and my therapist monthly.  Imagine how much positive change you could bring to your life with weekly support?

I’ll be there to help you  in whatever way you need, AND I’ll lovingly keep you accountable. Accountability is one of the magic ingredients in really changing your life for the better.

You’ll also be able to ask any veterinary/holistic health questions concerning your animals.

$ 0


Instead of up to 6 emergency calls, you get up to 10…

Any time you get stuck, you’ll have all the friendly, non-judgmental, rock solid support you need to get unstuck and keep on growing into who you truly are!

$ 0


Special bonus for the Platinum package:

One free enrollment in the WEBB for Pets Energywork online training (bronze package)

You’ll learn how use high level energy healing skills to help your animals, hone your intuitive skills, and increase your ability to communicate with and understand your animals.

$ 0

Total value = $14,808

or $1,234/month

Special limited-time price $597/month (save 52%)
pay $6,000 upfront + save a further $1,164

Please note the following

  • The program begins on the week staring 18th January 2021 (first webinar is on Friday the 22nd)
  • This program is run over a year/12 months
  • 5 months will be active out of every 6 month period
  • There are very limited numbers for the Gold/Platinum package. 16 Places for the weekly sessions, and anyone who enrolls in Platinum takes 4 of those places. First in, best dressed.
  • If you honestly can’t afford the bronze package, TALK TO ME! I will not have anyone miss out on this due to financial hardship. We offer part and full scholarships for financial hardship (bronze package only).
  • If you’re already enrolled in any of the bonus programs, you can gift this to a friend OR upgrade from Bronze to Gold.

Taken programs like this before?

Many programs focus only on your animals. Others focus only on you. Many programs focus only on the physical body, the mechanics. Others focus on the non-physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects. This program understands that you and your animals are a system – intimately interconnected. Holistic (Pet) Health Mastery addresses all the physical and non-physical factors that are in play. This gives you the best of both worlds. You must care for yourself as much as you do for your animals to create the best possible life for them, and for you. There is no other way. 

Convinced you don’t have the money?

True, the Gold and Platinum packages are an investment, but are your pets worth it?  And if you honestly can’t afford these ones, I have made the Bronze package ridiculously affordable. And if you honestly can’t afford that amount, contact me for the part or full scholarship option. If you’re in hardship, I don’t want your animals to miss out.

Tried to change your life for the better and failed?

I have. Many times. And one of my motivations to keep on getting up off the floor and trying again has been my beautiful animals. I have done more for them than I ever would have only for myself because I love them so much.

In this program you’ll be using the ultimate positive motivation – making a difference for your pets – to help you show up and make the change you know you must make for your animal’s sake. If you’re willing to show up, this program will work for you.

(Also, I found out what WORKS in tmy life journey, so I can now share it with you. I have overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, abuse, divorce and more. I can help you overcome your challenges!)

The Holistic Pet Health Mastery Program

Loving and Caring for Yourself to Make a Difference for Your Pets

Before I leave you, I want to ask where you see your pets and yourself 12 months from now?  What about in 3 years? 5 years?

Do you see your animals a whole lot happier, healthier, and more deeply connected with you? Do you see yourself more present, happier, healthier and effective in your life?

Or do you see yourself just staying where you are, not making a difference for your pets, and muddling along knowing you really need to change but spinning your wheels?

Remember: There will always be a tension between making a needed change in your life and safety. Safety will always help keep you within your safety zone.

Safety says: “Why make the effort, when life is ok?”

Safety says: “This is a risk; what if it doesn’t work out?”

Safety says: “Your animals seem happy enough. That will just have to do!”

Your animals need you to play a different game.

Your animals need you to step up and show up in a new way.

Let your animals be the driving force that moves you to let go of what’s safe, and replace it with what’s possible.

Most people put off doing what they need to do for their animals in favour of the comforts of safety. And while in the short term it may seem  to have some benefits, over the long run there will be inevitable consequences to the happiness and well-being of your pets (and yourself).

So what are you going to choose? Safety? Or stepping up and doing what it takes to make a difference for your pets?

If you’re ready to learn how to love yourself as much as you love your pets, to make positive changes in your life, and to make a huge difference in your pets’ lives, then I invite you to join this program.

This program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you attend all of the program, DO what you are invited to do in the training, within 3 months of purchase and you feel it is not worthy of your investment, you can ask for a full refund.

Much love to you and your animals,

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Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(HonsII) is a world leading Holistic vet and the founder of the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) method, an innovative ground breaking healing and bodywork modality for pets, people and horses.

Dr Edward has transcended some serious challenges in his life (20 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, trauma, divorce, abusive relationships and Lyme disease). In his personal journey of healing, Dr Edward has unlocked effective methods of healing, self-development, and above all embodied presence.

In spite of all the challenges he has faced, Dr Edward has built a thriving holistic veterinary practice (with over 18,000 people liking or following The Healing Vet Facebook page) and has created and taken WEBB to the world with over 900 students and 23 practitioners worldwide.

Dr Edward is so much more than just a vet! He has been working intensively with life-coaching, healing, embodied awareness, and intuitive guidance to help people make lasting, positive changes in their life for decades.

Dr Edward knows what it takes to show up and do what’s needed to transform your life, and he has a wealth of practical holistic pet health wisdom to help you know  exactly what your pets need to be well.

Special Guest Teacher + Coach

Dr Trina Hinkley (PhD, BA (Hons)) is an internationally recognised, award-winning PhD expert in behaviour change. Over a stellar career spanning 20 years, she has created diverse programs to help people create change resulting in healthier, more purposeful and fulfilling lives. In countries as diverse as Australia, South Africa and Germany, Dr Trina’s programs have helped people achieve more than 40% improvement in as little as six weeks.

Dr Trina knows how to transcend serious challenges in life. In her late 20s, Trina left her abusive marriage of 10 years with no money, no job, no home, no idea who she was and two tiny children to provide for. A couple of years later (while trying to finish her degree, work and raise her children) she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic anaemia. While building her career and raising her kids, her personal life adventure led her to her gain high level skills in coaching, energetic practices and healing traditions that she now uses to empower people like you to make lasting, positive change in their lives.

Dr Trina’s driving passion is to make a difference in the world by helping people create positive change in their lives. Dr Trina works with three pillars: scientific research + evidence, eastern spiritual traditions, and indigenous earth connection practices to help you make the change you need to have the life you crave. Dr Trina knows what it takes to make change that sticks and brings rewards, and she can empower you to make the changes in your life that you dream of.

Book A Discovery Call With Dr Edward.