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The Whole Energy Body Balance® Bodywork & Energywork Pay What You Can

The Whole Energy Body Balance® Method

Have you been affected badly financially by COVID?

Would you like to learn WEBB but feel like you can't afford it?

One of our core principles here at WEBB Global Headquarters is that we don't want any animal to miss out on the massive benefits that WEBB brings (healing silent pain, anxiety and trauma) because their humans can't afford the training packages.

This is why we offer a Pay What You Can payment plan option for the Bronze packages/trainings for both WEBB Bodywork for Pets and WEBB Energywork for Animals.
You choose how much you pay each month for 12 months/payments. Prices start at only $5AUD/month each month for 12 months. If you can pay more, that’s appreciated and will help keep WEBB alive in these difficult times.  

Click on the button below to select how much you can pay and enrol so you can get started helping your pets have the best life possible.

(Please note that if your circumstances change during your payment plan, we can pause your payments if you need.)

 If you can’t afford $5/month, please email us and request a full scholarship