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Regular FREE Live Whole Energy Body Balance Method Training/Practice Webinars!

Welcome! I'm Dr Edward, The Healing Vet and Founder of the Whole Energy Body Balance Method. I'd like to invite you to my regular (free) teaching/practice sessions. These happen by webinar, every two weeks on  Monday mornings at 9am (Melbourne time).

I teach you the WEBB Bodywork for Pets Somatic Relaxation technique, and some simple energy healing skills from WEBB Energywork for Animals. This is only a small, small part of the whole WEBB method, but many people who have only attended these sessions are seeing wonderful improvements in their pets.

These webinars are free (though I probably should be charging a minimum of $50 each) - Why? Because this is my gift to you and your animals. I hope to see you in the next one!

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Whole Energy Body Balance Bodywork for Pets Online Practitioner Training

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You will learn:

  • How to talk dog on a whole new level
  • The WEBB for pets assessment protocol (so your pets will never suffer silent pain)
  • Somatic embodiment and energy flow
  • Observation and listening skills
  • The difference between healthy movement and the presence of pain or tension
  • Neuro-fascial bodywork skills including releases, mobilisation, pulsing, palpation, deep core release work and counter-stretches
  • Craniosacral
  • How to flexibly adapt the skills into a unique treatment focused on your pet’s needs in the moment

Interested in learning the WEBB technique? This world leading online training is suitable for everyone who loves animals and wants to make their lives a happier place. You can Learn WEBB Bodywork to help your own pets (and give away free treatments if you want) or you can get certified and start or grow a pet wellness business.

Suitable for all levels of experience - if you have two hands and a loving heart, you can learn how to help your pets with WEBB Bodywork. Especially great for dog sport enthusiasts, trainers, groomers, physios, rehab specialists, vet nurses and vets.

Enrol in the Whole Energy Body Balance Bodywork for Pets Practitioner Training and you can start helping your animals feel better today!

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Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork for Animals Online Practitioner Training

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This high level energy healing training for all animals will help you learn how to care for the non-physical aspects of your animals' wellbeing. You will learn how to assess your animal’s body and energy systems (Chakras etc.) for blockages and restrictions.

You'll connect with natural energy flows and vibrations to heal and invite healthy energy flow throughout your animal’s being. This work can have profoundly healing effects with your animals.

Join us now while the special introductory pricing lasts!


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The WEBB for Pets Somatic Relaxation Technique Training

This training is focused on teaching you how to bring peace to dogs suffering from anxiety or over-arousal issues with loving touch and healthy boundaries. It can bring significant improvements to dogs with even severe anxiety- e.g. separation anxiety, reactivity, phobias, etc.

It also helps dogs that live in over-arousal (hypervigilant, can’t settle, hyperactive, easily excited, hard to train, out of control etc) learn how to relax and be calm and sensible).
You can learn this lifetime skill in an afternoon, and make a huge difference to your dog’s quality of life.

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Whole Energy Body Balance for Pets Bodywork + Energywork for Horses

Coming soon!

The WEBB equine trainings are in development. We hope they will come online in 2021/2022. If you have deep experience in working with horses and you'd like to get qualified sooner, your first step is to complete the WEBB Bodywork for pets and WEBB Energywork for Animals certification trainings.

Then there is a pathway to work 1-2-1 with Dr Edward to get qualified to work with horses. Contact Dr Edward directly if this is your passion. You can email Dr Edward at

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WEBB Bodywork and Energywork for People Practitioner Trainings

Coming soon!

Or at least soonish. The WEBB work for humans is in development and will be coming online after all of the animal related trainings are finalized. In the meantime, if you’d like to experience the benefits of treatments or private tuition for yourself, please contact Dr Edward via the contact tab on this site, or you can call direct on (0428) 278 630.

This can be done in person in Melbourne, or via video conference call anywhere in the world.

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