Increase your visibility and enhance your professional standing with a listing for your WEBB business on the main WEBB website...

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A lot of your business success is driven by your credibility with new clients. When you can send people to your listing on the WEBB website, they will trust you more. Simple as that!

If you wish to have a listing on the main WEBB website as a professional practitioner, there is a monthly membership fee of $22 AUD.

You are expected to attend or review at least one WEBB training in each calendar year so as to continue to develop your skills. You'll need to submit a short (one paragraph) self-assessment on how this has helped you grow as a practitioner to Dr Edward after the training or review of a training you've already completed.

Your membership entitles you to a practitioner listing with a personal page with a photo (a professional pic with your animals is best)a bio of 2-500 words, and all your contact details, working hours, website links etc.

If you have any questions, please email Dr Edward at