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Humans have a tendency to ignore signs and symptoms of pain, and many with fascia pain don't even realise how much the fascia pain's been hurting them until they get rid of it. WEBB treatments are a beautiful, gentle way to set your body free from old, ingrained pain, tension and trauma that you’ve gotten so used to that it has faded into the background.

Your WEBB treatment will combine embodied awareness training, gentle and profound postural adjustment, and a broad range of hands-on and energy healing techniques to release pain, tension, blockages and restrictions from your physical body and energy systems.

The Human WEBB practitioner trainings are under development. In person and video WEBB bodywork and energywork treatments for humans are available with Dr Edward. If you are interested in being placed on the wait list for future trainings or booking a WEBB treatment, please contact Dr Edward with the contact tab here on this site or phone him direct on (0428 )278 630.

Whole Energy Body Balance - 2

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