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The Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork For Animals Online Practitioner Training

The Whole Energy Body Balance Method for
Animals Teacher Training

Do you want to save thousands of animals from a life of silent suffering while building a business you love?

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

My number 1 priority is that you are happy with your investment. I stand behind my product 100% – no matter what, no holds barred! If you have a problem, reach out to me and I will fix it as soon as possible. If for any reason you decide that the WEBB for Pets online training you have invested in is not a good fit for you, you have a month from your date of purchase to request a refund.

This is your chance to become a globally certified teacher of the only world-leading Bodywork + Energywork healing modality for animals created by a holistic veterinarian (Dr Edward, The Healing Vet)

If you can relate to any of these questions, you may have found what you may not even have known you were searching for. (Read on to learn more!)

  • Are you someone who loves animals and would do anything in your power to save them from pain and suffering?
  • Do you want to create an ethical, meaningful animal wellness business but don’t yet have the skills and business know-how you need to be successful?
  • Does fear stop you from taking the leap into doing what you love in life?
  • Are you interested in effective, holistic hands-on treatments for animals so you can help animals avoid dangerous drugs and unnecessary surgery?
  • Do you have two hands, a loving heart, and a willingness to learn and grow?

(Twenty years ago I would have answered yes to all of these questions.)

Did you know that more than 50% of the animals I see in my practice are suffering silent pain, but have no way to tell their humans that they need help?

Would you like to join me in my mission to educate animal guardians all over the world, so that no animal need suffer in silence again?

Here’s how I became The Healing Vet and founded the Whole Energy Body Balance Method…

I’ve always been fascinated communicating with and healing animals in ways that work for them and that they understand. This started with natural horsemanship (as a reaction to the brutal methods taught to me as a young man), and then extended into studying veterinary science.

I graduated and went into practice, but felt something missing. It was all drugs and surgery, and it disturbed me that animals were treated like things rather than feeling beings. I wanted to have the same sort of relationship and connection with my patients that someone like Monty Roberts (one of the best natural horsemen the world has ever seen) had with the horses he trained.

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I also wanted to find a kinder, safer way to heal animals.

Then I met Dr Tom Ahern – an amazing, innovative vet who had developed a method of working hands-on to release pain and tension from horses necks. He would take horses with front leg lameness that regular vets had assessed (x-rays, nerve blocks etc) several times without being able to find a cause, work on their necks, and often cure the problem!

I was fascinated, and Dr Tom generously gave me an afternoon masterclass that changed the course of my professional life, eventually leading to the creation of the Whole Energy Body Balance method (my signature world leading healing bodywork method for animals).

I started sinking my hands into and exploring the bodies of all the dogs and cats I saw in my work, and I quickly found that many had pain and tension I had been missing (and that many vets are still missing, right now!).

I have been passionately devoted to healing pain, tension, trauma, and anxiety in animals with healing bodywork ever since (22 years now!)

I can absolutely guarantee that no matter how well you know and love your animals, you will have missed pain they have suffered in the past, or you are missing pain they are silently suffering right now!

I always wanted to know when my pets were in pain, so I could help them. It was a huge shock to me some 6 years ago when I missed really severe neck pain in my own dog after he had a nasty fall on some steps (that my wife neglected to tell me about).

I was a vet with 18 years’ experience in practice. I had assessed and treated thousands of animals hands-on, and had a dangerous belief many others who love and care for animals also share.

I thought I would always be able to tell when my animals were suffering pain by watching them! I had no idea how wrong I was.

My best mate Mitzi (my little dog) suffered intense pain for 3 weeks because of my ignorance and arrogance.

Do you think you always know when your animals are in pain?

If you do, you are flat out wrong, and quite likely condemning your pets to a life of silent suffering.

If you think taking your animals to the vet to be checked guarantees that they are not in pain, better think twice.

To this day, I regularly see animals who have significant silent pain that has been missed by other vets.

This doesn’t mean they are bad vets, by the way - it just means that they have never been taught how to assess properly for the main cause of silent (undiagnosed) pain in our animals: neuro-fascial pain.

Your take home message: all animal guardians need to learn how to assess their beloved friends hands-on. This is the only way to be sure that animals are not in pain.

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I loved working with animals, but I hated working in vet hospitals…

The animals were nearly always scared, stressed out, very unhappy – I had to do painful things to them (for their own good) which I hated. I didn’t have the freedom to explore the holistic work that is my passion. The solution? I started my own mobile vet practice (14 years ago now!).

I very quickly learned that running a business was a whole new ball game, one that I (to be honest) was pretty crap at.

I wanted to be seen, to be heard, and to have a massive impact – and at the same time I was more than a bit Aspie, shy, and on a lot of days it all seemed so hard that I just wanted to crawl into a dark corner and cuddle up with my dogs.

Do you know that feeling? Where you want to make a difference in the world and build a successful, enjoyable business helping animals heal from silent pain and suffering, but at the same time it all seems too hard?

Before I learned how to practice and teach the Whole Energy Body Balance Method and how to systematically build a sustainable, profitable business helping people help their animals…

I was not clear on how to run a successful business.

I was disorganised and ineffective.

I had a master’s degree in procrastination.

I felt anxious every time I tried to grow my business to where I knew it could be.

To top it all off – I wasn’t attracting enough clients to sustain myself, so I was freaked out about money.

I always wanted to inspire people to take their pet’s well-being into their own hands. I wanted to speak with presence and connect with integrity.

I wanted to create a global movement to transform animals’ lives for the better. BUT – I felt like I was simply spinning my wheels, no matter what I tried.

I spent stacks of money on coaching, and tried everything they taught me. I visualised success like all the new age books suggested. I followed the teaching of “Do what you love, and the money will follow!”

Eventually I realised that was a crock. No matter how much I loved helping animals, I didn’t get any richer.

If you’re wondering why I’m sharing all of this, it’s because I want to make it crystal clear that one message above all helped me go from continually struggling, procrastinating, and bad at business – to creating a successful holistic veterinary practice (The Healing Vet), creating the Whole Energy Body Balance Method, launching a very successful online training program, and earning a healthy (multiple 6 figure) income in my business.

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You may have an amazing ability to connect with animals. You may have a burning desire to help people help their pets. (You even may want to get paid well for playing with dogs all day.)

But without a powerful ability to connect with and influence people, and a strong ability to transform your passion in life into money, you’ll never be able to make the difference you burn to!

Are you ready to awaken your ability to:

  • Connect with, understand and heal animals?
  • Attract people’s attention?
  • Embody magnetic presence that is deeply attractive to animals and humans?
  • Build a business where you get to play with dogs for work?

Most people who love and want to help animals don’t think about making loads of money first. They think about making a positive difference for pets. Becoming wealthy is often way down the list of priorities. They are carers, healers, empaths, and nurturers. The problem is if you don’t forge a strong partnership between the caring side AND the material (your mission to help animals AND making a great income), your impact will be sadly limited.

You need healthy finances to be able to help more animals. (Read that again)

If you know it’s time for your business skills, healing abilities, and courage to rise to the same level as your heart’s longing to save animals from a life of silent suffering so YOU can make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals by teaching people how use their loving hands to find and heal pain and tension in their animals’ bodies (while earning good money)…

Join me for The Whole Energy Body Balance for Animals Teacher Training

Answering Your Heart’s Call and Transforming Animal’s Lives For The Better

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PLEASE NOTE: This program is by application only. If your application is successful you will be invited to enrol.

The investment is not tiny. This is a cutting edge training that certifies you to teach two valuable WEBB practitioner trainings. (If you are in financial distress with the pandemic, I offer a range of flexible and long term payment plan options and deep discounts.)

If you wish to train as a WEBB teacher, it is highly recommended that you be qualified in both WEBB Bodywork for Pets and WEBB Energywork for Animals before the next intake (July 2021).

Many people have the brakes on in their lives, and are scared to really step out and do what they need to bring their deepest dreams to life. They may be discontented, but still clinging to the safety of the familiar. They simply hope and dream, but don’t know what they need to do to get to where they want to be.

True awakening to joyful success in your personal AND business life is about following your heart, listening to your dreams, investing in yourself, and being willing to take action.

You are here to transform the lives of so many beautiful animals, saving them from lives of silent suffering by teaching their humans how to ease their pain, tension, anxiety and trauma with loving touch.

There are over 1000 students enrolled in the WEBB online trainings, and there are 28 qualified WEBB practitioners out there around the world building their own pet wellness business with the WEBB method, transforming animal's lives for the better. And now it’s time for me to teach people like you how to teach this beautiful healing work and take it out into the world.

Ready to step into your destiny?

Ready to build a business transforming the lives of animals for the better?

In this program you will learn:

  • How to stand out with a unique and powerful offering for anyone who loves their animals
  • How to make the leap from someone who loves and wants to help animals to becoming a leader in the pet wellness industry
  • You’ll become certified to teach two weekend-long practitioner trainings (WEBB for pets Bodywork and WEBB for animals Energywork)
  • You’ll be empowered to globally certify WEBB practitioners (in partnership with Whole Energy Body Balance Pty Ltd)
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn how to master the art of presence, and become magnetically attractive to animals and their owners.

At its core, this year long intensive program is a holistic approach to becoming the person that animals and humans trust and want to follow. I show you how to BE the person animal guardians are inspired by and want to invest their time, energy and money with.

When you join the WEBB Teacher training program….

  • You’ll be joining a tight knit community of like-minded people who love and want to help animals
  • You’ll be supported in your learning journey by me, Dr Edward (The Healing Vet) – I’ll be in your corner, helping you learn, helping you grow, helping you find your unique and beautiful way of teaching WEBB
  • You’ll be joining a new generation of pet wellness professionals, and impacting the lives of many humans and animals in the best possible way
  • Because this is the first time I’m teaching this world-leading program, you get the one time only opportunity to get this amazing program at half the price. This will never, ever happen again…
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A Testimonial From A WEBB For Pets Bodywork Practitioner

The skills I have gained from watching all the videos and reading the ebook to learn WEBB have been enhanced immeasurably by having the one on one video mentoring sessions. This direct teaching gives me such practical, personalised hands on advice and techniques to develop WEBB in my own way, in my own home!

Molly my 3 year old Border Collie/Kelpie X needed some gentle persuasion to help her to accept the intentional touch techniques of WEBB and then get the benefits. Molly still has her moments but is so much more accepting and "getting it" thanks to the patience and expertise of Dr Edward, Pearl and Mitzi. Both Molly’s' and my confidence and wellbeing is increasing daily.

l am starting to use WEBB techniques in my dog therapy practise and my animal shelter work with some amazing results. For example - Leo a 15 year old large Kelpie who has a high level of arousal and would only lay down for a few minutes at a time, but now after a few sessions with very minimal WEBB techniques (I'm still learning!) Is now laying down and becoming completely relaxed. I am able to work on his hindquarters which was previously out of bounds. After a treatment he just wants to sleep instead of jumping up and waiting at the door, just in case he might be going out! I am really enjoying and benefiting from the WEBB training.

Karina Munro
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What’s in the 12 month
WEBB teacher training program?

  • 10 modules with two in depth webinars for each module (Value $12,000)
  • Module 1:
    The art of embodied presence:
    connecting with yourself, discovering your “why”, building a strong foundation for your business, practicing presence, uncovering who you can be
  • Module 2:
    You and your animals:
    embracing your shadow (bringing your power into the light), building trust and heart connection, expanding presence, strong inspiring leadership, your ideal client
  • Module 3:
    “Talking dog” – Communicating healthy boundaries with love:
    the subtle language of silence, the yin and yang of relating to animals and clients, becoming the river, marketing 101 (pain points, wants and needs)
  • Module 4:
    WEBB for Pets Bodywork Training day 1:
    the gentle art of teaching, holding space in the training room, Feeling and responding to the field, managing dogs and people (practicalities), finding your people, day one training content
  • Module 5:
    WEBB for Pets Bodywork Training Day 2:
    sinking deep, flowing gently (the yin and yang of teaching and bodywork), dealing with conflict in the classroom (and within yourself), embracing discomfort, becoming a professional, day two training content
  • INTEGRATION, ASSIMILATION + ACTION MONTH: Q&A webinar – all your questions answered and challenges met with love and care, and you’ll be formulating an action plan and timeline for the next 6 months as well as completing and practicing (on video in the private Facebook group) teaching the whole of the WEBB for Pets Bodywork training during this month. Schedule and prepare for your first WEBB for Pets bodywork training!
  • Module 6:
    The nuts and bolts of working with energy:
    Touching what can’t be touched, getting in tune with your intuitive gifts, clearing and holding space, sensing and understanding energy blockages and restrictions, connecting with your higher power, spiritual hygiene, doing what needs to be done
  • Module 7:
    Attracting your people:
    who would you love to spend time with? – separating the wheat from the chaff, generating and converting leads, having effective sales conversations, your brand promises, your three marketing strategies, connecting with and responding to the future potential field
  • Module 8:
    Energywork – an endless fascination:
    expanding your energy sensitivity, working with non-physical high vibration beings, working with the spectrum of natural healing energies, the fractal nutshell, quantum connection, biophotonic communication, “spontaneous remission”, the science of energy healing, spiritual connection
  • Module 9:
    WEBB for Animals Energywork Training day 1:
    expanding into who you are, grounding, allowing students to be who they are, making discomfort your best friend, holding the room in your heart, conserving yourself, day one training content.
  • Module 10:
    WEBB for Animals Energywork Training day 2:
    The art of teaching without teaching (going deeper), transcendent presence, getting out of the way, dancing with the divine, day two training content
  • INTEGRATION, ASSIMILATION + ACTION MONTH: Q&A webinar – all your questions answered and challenges met with love and care, and you’ll be formulating an action plan and timeline for the next 6 months as well as completing and practicing (on video in the private Facebook group) teaching the whole of the WEBB for Animals Energywork training during this month. Schedule and prepare for your first WEBB for Animals Energywork training!
  • A monthly 30 minute laser focused private coaching session with Dr Edward (12 sessions) (Value $1,320)
  • Practice teaching sessions live in Dr Edward’s live trainings – can be in person or by way of the Zoom meeting used to live stream – you get to teach Dr Edward’s students with his support (Value $2000)
  • A private Facebook group for all in-training teachers with unlimited support (during Dr Edward’s business hours) and community (Value $500)
  • The opportunity to earn up to 80% commission selling Dr Edward’s online training programs (Value – sky is the limit)

Apply before the 10th April 2020 to qualify for these special extra free bonuses! (Value $810)

  • 6 Extra monthly 30 minute laser focused private coaching session with Dr Edward after you complete the training (to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams) (Value $660)
  • A 90 minute WEBB session for yourself (can be in person or by video conference) (Value $150)
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PLEASE NOTE:This program is by application only. If your application is successful you will be invited to enrol. The investment is not tiny. And if you are in financial distress with the pandemic, I offer a range of flexible payment options and deep discounts.

This program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you complete all the required work in the training over the first 6 months and do not feel it is worthy of your investment, you can ask for a full refund.

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A testimonial from a WEBB for Pets Bodywork Student

“I have recently started the WEBB for pets practitioner training with Dr. Edward and so far it has been a very enrichening life experience for me and my dog.

Since I started the training I don't touch my dog the same way as I did before. Every time I touch him now it's with intentional touch, meaning I either assess his sacrum or occiput or I feel for tension in the fascia around his shoulders for example. In the beginning my dog was looking at me suspiciously or even sceptical, but now he comes to me, puts his head in my lap and asks for "intentional touch"!

I feel I am learning a new way to relate to my dog and that our connection is getting deeper. He is a rescue dog and was very fearful, but it has been getting better, just certain kind of men he is still scared of.

Dr. Edward's style of teaching is very structured and with clear demonstrations. He is also very patient and easy to understand ( English is not my native tongue). I attended one weekend workshop via live stream and even though I was on the other side of the planet I felt I was within the "classroom". The energetic partner exercises felt amazing.

Further I get positive benefits from the Energy Connection Practices. I feel I raise my state of feeling and in general my own energy awareness is expanding. These exercises are a very important part for the preparation or a kind of tuning in into the work.

Whenever I work on my dog I remember Dr. Edwards words about "joyful obsession". I love this expression and it motivates me a lot! I am looking forward to expand my skills, learning more and with a lot more dogs! Thank you very much!”

Marion Weikert
Marion Weikert

Does this seem to be too good to be true?

Some programs focus on how to heal animals with body work or energy healing. Other programs focus on business, strategies and mindset. And some focus on embodiment, beliefs, and spiritual connection.

This program is the best of all these worlds, and these worlds MUST come together to create a business that is sustainable, profitable, and that makes a difference in the lives of thousands of animals while fulfilling your desires.

I have a strategic business mind, and I am an expert in presence, communicating with animals, bodywork, and energy healing. I know the power of presence, and have the foresight to know that presence couples with business strategy and high level skills in working with animals leads to success.

Whole Energy Body Balance - 12

So what if you think you’ve already got it all going on?

If you think you’ve mastered presence, working with animals, or business, think again. Years ago I fell victim to this thinking. Having convinced myself I had learned all there was to learn. Guess what happened? My effectiveness started to wane because I refused to believe that you can never be good enough. I stagnated. ALL of these skills require ongoing practice and if you wish to be extraordinary you must be committed to ongoing development.

Convinced you don’t have the money?

Sure, this is an investment, but teaching four trainings in one year year (2 Bodywork, 2 Energywork) with only 4 students investing in the most affordable (core) package in each of the four trainings would gross you over $11,000.

Before I leave you, I want to ask you where you see yourself 12 months from now. What about in 3 years? 5 Years?

Do you see yourself succeeding and making your dreams reality, or staying in the same state of frustration you’ve been living in?

Whole Energy Body Balance - 13

A testimonial from a WEBB for Pets Bodywork practitioner

I have been practicing WEBB with both my own dogs and client dogs now for nearly a year. I was instantly taken with the WEBB method when I first heard Dr Edward talking about it on a Dogs Naturally Webinar. The approach resonated with the way I work, listening to the dog and his body. Learning this method enhanced my listening skills and has also helped me work with more anxious dogs than before, which is very rewarding. The techniques not only help a dog to relax mentally but the gentle approach also allows muscles to relax and let go of tension, improving movement and reducing pain.

The training has a relaxed approach in that you can do it at your own pace. You are able to revisit all areas of the training at any time to refresh and practice. I have been sceptical in the past with regards online training to learn a hands on method. However the way this course is set up it really works well. The 1:1 sessions were very helpful as Dr Edward has a keen eye for seeing how the dog is responding (even via skype/zoom calls), your body position,how you are connecting and breathing. He is able to guide you well. Then comes the assessment!! I have to admit I was very nervous but Dr Edward again was very encouraging and guiding and to be honest I see the assessment as a stepping stone as you do really just keep learning with this method with each dog you meet.

Debbie Williams
Debbie Williams

The Whole Energy Body Balance
for Animals Teacher Training

Answering Your Heart’s Call and Transforming Animal’s Lives For The Better

Remember; there will always be a tension between living your dreams and safety.
Safety will help keep you in your comfort zone.

Safety says: “Why dream big, when life is pretty good?”
Safety says: “You’re already good enough. Why not take it easy?”
Safety says: “This is a risk; what if it doesn’t work out?”

Safety runs most of our lives. After all, that’s it’s job … to keep us well and safe.

Purpose plays a different game!

Purpose creates out dreams.
Purpose invites us to make a difference.
Purpose is what drives us to let go of what’s safe and replace it with what’s possible.

Most people postpone purpose in favour of the comforts of safety. And while in the short term this may seem to have some benefits, over the long run there will be unavoidable consequences, impacting your happiness, your self-esteem, your bank account, and ultimately your life.

So what direction do you want to choose: Purpose or Safety?

If you’re ready to join the new generation of pet wellness professionals and make a difference in the lives of so many animals and people, I invite you to apply to this program.

Dr Edward is an experienced holistic veterinarian and healer. He is the founder of the Whole Energy Body Balance Method, a healing bodywork modality for pets, people and horses.

Dr Edward has taught over 400 students the WEBB method, and has over 380 students enrolled in his online trainings. He has built a multiple 6 figure pet wellness business.

(A personal message from Dr Edward) “If this training calls to your heart, even if you don’t think you can do it (for any reason whatsoever), I invite you to apply – this doesn’t cost a cent, and it may be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life… I want to help you bring your dreams to life!”

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Whole Energy Body Balance - 15
Apply To Become A WEBB Teacher Now

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PLEASE NOTE:This program is by application only. If your application is successful you will be invited to enrol. The investment is not tiny. And if you are in financial distress with the pandemic, I offer a range of flexible payment options and deep discounts.

Testimonial from a WEBB for Pets Bodywork student

“My four dogs and I recently participated remotely in a weekend training of Whole Energy Body Balance through live-streaming video. It was awesome! Dr Edward brings together a number of strands in his techniques and training: detailed knowledge of dog anatomy and physiology through his veterinary practice; empathy and sensitivity toward animals; deep personal practices of mindfulness, presence and energy work; and excellent awareness of adult learning and teaching methods.

He has developed a suite of incredibly effective (but simple) techniques, and is good at sharing them. I particularly enjoyed the second day of training, which involved a series of sessions of energy grounding and awareness, demonstration of techniques and then practice by all of us. The demonstrations of specific release points was particularly valuable for my dogs. Through the live-streaming, Dr Edward was very attentive to his remote audience, including us in demonstrations and conversations, and answering our questions and checking in with us.

My dogs absolutely loved having this therapy time focused on them, and each of them received a full session in turn. My dog Kugar was very tense due to their being a bitch in season in the house, and tried a range of avoidance behaviours. Maintaining my presence as well as hands on touch with him, he suddenly gave in to it and cooperated, showing me a couple of his tight spots which we were able to release, and he was then able to relax deeply.

My girl Yola also had some tight areas, and the deep loin release work resulted in big sighs, tummy gurgling and farts from her as the tension released. My girl Georgia received the session working on heads/faces. She used to be a little head shy from surgery when she was a pup, but she absolutely delighted in this gentle thorough face work, with her eyes rolling back in her head, and deep feelings of peace.
My young girl Tahlia initially found the deeper touch a little unsettling, but then decided it was the best thing ever, and really relaxed and released with the soft cranio-sacral pulsing, and the leg pulsing that organically developed in Dr Edwards session with Pearl. By the end of the day, we had a room of utter peace and contentment.”

Jude Addenbrooke
Jude Addenbrooke
Whole Energy Body Balance - 16

Testimonial from a WEBB for Pets Bodywork student

"I have used the WEBB work on a number of animals, dogs mainly but also a few cats and a couple of calves and have found it amazing effective in reducing pain. I use a number of different modalities but do find that I come back to WEBB all the time as the animals see to understand it more (if that makes sense). I don’t have a dog of my own at present, but that will happen when the time is right and the dog that I am connected to appears. I currently work on animal owned by friends and family and also animals that I am house sitting.

I sometimes wonder if the WEBB work is addictive for dogs mainly as recently when I was looking after a large number of older chihuahua x puppies (they are all puppies to me no matter their age) 9 in total. They would almost line up waiting their turn. This appeared to happen after 3 days of giving them each a short session. After the owners returned a month later they were quite surprised to see how active and relaxed all their babies were. (5 of them over 10 yrs old and suffering with a lot of pain in their hind quarters and backs)

I wish now I had taken progress photos and videos because the results were amazing. It is so funny to see a dog that has no or very little movement in their whole structure to all of a sudden realise that he can now bend his front legs and rub his face on the ground, and even attempt a roll over. Probably hadn’t attempted that in a lot of years, his excitement was so funny, and I saw this result not once but at varying levels and after a varied number of sessions. I do love this work and am impressed with the results."

Sandra Beams
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Disclaimer:  Participation in the WEBB for Animals Teacher training is at your own risk. Your results may vary (though the more work and practice you do, the better your results will be) depending on how much work you put in, the demographics of your area, and many other factors.