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Around two years out of veterinary school Dr Edward was fortunate to learn from Dr Tom Ahern, an equine veterinarian who had a special interest in treating horses with bad necks. He would treat horses with lameness that other vets could not find a cause for, and they would come good (sometimes going back onto the track and winning races).

Dr Tom generously taught Dr Edward about nerve root compression due to subtle misalignments of the vertebrae, and how this can cause pain, altered sensation, and changes in blood flow throughout the body.

Dr Edward was fascinated by the amazing results Dr Tom was getting, and thought “If this works for horses, could it work for dogs?

At the time, there wasn’t anyone in the small animal veterinary world specialising in bodywork. In terms of chiropractic, backs and necks, physiotherapy and massage - that sort of stuff just didn’t exist, outside of a few people working on greyhounds. So Dr Edward began to explore and experiment.

As Dr Edward explains:

“Every dog and cat I saw from that point on became the subject of my explorations, as I felt deeper into their bodies, searching for signs of pain and impingement.

I discovered that lots of dogs and cats experience neck and back pain that isn’t obvious, unless you search for it and skillfully palpate with the intention of finding it.

More importantly, once I identified the source of pain or constriction in the body, I knew that there must be a way of treating it. This was the beginning of a 20 year journey of learning how to unlock pain, tension, anxiety and trauma from the physical body with healing touch and neuro-fascial bodywork.

This is how the Whole Energy Body Balance Method was born, by me placing my hands on one dog or cat at a time, learning something new all the time. Thousands of animals are my teachers in this work!
I learned by inviting healthy movement where there was restriction. By melting pain and tension away with loving, connected touch. And again and again I saw beautiful changes in the animals I was treating!

Only a couple of years after I started developing the WEBB method, I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was very unwell for a number of years. I experienced a lot of pain and stiffness throughout my spine and body and had to seek help from a range of holistic practitioners, especially skilled bodyworkers and energy healers.

I found that energy healing relieved my symptoms, and so trained in this field intensively. I quickly discovered that animals are very sensitive and responsive to energy healing, and so this aspect of supporting well-being became part of the foundations of the WEBB method.”

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