WEBB for Horses

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My work with horses is what led me directly to the WEBB treatment system. Their health is often a reflection of their emotional and physical state, and pain is often unrecognized until specifically assessed for with skillful palpation while reading the horses responses. As with dogs, Horses all too often suffer from ‘silent’ pain.

Using WEBB treatments, horses can be relieved of neuro-fascial pain and tension, neck pain, back pain, and can experience significant healing from trauma of all kinds. WEBB treatments for your horses combine natural horsemanship, deep and sensitive communication, and hands-on work.

The practitioner training for WEBB for Horses is under development, though Dr Edward is available to give your horses WEBB treatments or for private tuition in how to work with your own horses hands-on in the Melbourne area. Contact Dr Edward by using the contact form here on the site if you’d like to book a treatment for your horse or a private WEBB tuition session (or call him direct on (0428) 278 630).

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