Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(HonsII)

Whole Energy Body Balance - 1

Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc(HonsII) is a holistic veterinarian of 24 years experience, and the founder and senior teacher of the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Method. The WEBB method has arisen from his devotion to helping animals heal and be happy with holistic, hands-on work, and is inspired by a life time of working with animals: training and competing on horses (campdrafting), working stock, and training dogs.

Dr Edward is a Master WEBB Bodywork and Energywork Practitioner for pets, people and horses. Dr Edward is available for in-person treatments for animals and humans in Frankston, Melbourne and for distant sessions by way of video conference globally. Dr Edward is also available for private tuition if you want to experience the deep healing of WEBB, or if you are interested in expanding your skills in bodywork and healing with animals and/or humans.

Dr Edward lives in Frankston with Pearl (his lovely whippet) Mitzi, (a pugnacious silky terrier shih tzu cross, Parvati (miniature black panther) and Fred (big fluffy cuddly tuxedo cat). Dr Edward is a singer, songwriter, abstract visual artist, and loves growing veggies and fruit in his possum-proof enclosed garden, surfing, walking in nature, camping, dancing, cooking, and exploring this spiritual journey of life to the fullest.

Dr Edward is also available for holistic veterinary advice for companion animals.

Contact: www.wholeenergybodybalance.com/contact or +61 428 278 630
Working hours: Monday, Wednesday, some Sunday afternoons