Whole Energy Body Balance™ for Horses

A profoundly healing relationship-first modality - a flexible, adaptive combination of Neurofascial Bodywork, High-Vibration Energywork, Intuitive Perception, Empathic Bridging, Animal Communication, and Empathic Horsemanship.

Empowering Home and Certified Professional Practitioners to Find and Heal Silent Pain, Anxiety and Trauma in Equines Quickly, Easily, and Effectively with Loving Touch, Energywork and Somatic Awareness.

Whole Energy Body Balance - 1
Whole Energy Body Balance - 2

WEBB for Horses is being offered for the first time in 2024. Your teachers and guides – Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc (Hons) (The Healing Vet + founder of the WEBB Method) and Caren Dougall RVT (Certified WEBB Teacher and Practitioner) are offering you a special opportunity to attend the Beta version of WEBB for Horses in Tottenham, Ontario in May 2024. 

The training consists of three months of online pre-education and training to prepare you for a hands-on, intensively practical weekend of expressing the WEBB skills with Horses. You may bring your own horse, or practice horses will be provided. Enrolments close Friday 16th Feb. 

Enrollments by application only! To apply, click on the ‘Click Here to Book Your Free Discovery Call with Dr Ed Here’ button below the video. Make sure to watch the replay/video of the Horse Silent Pain Masterclass (Understanding the “Difficult” Horse) with Dr Ed and Caren immediately below this text before you book your call. You’ll also find the curriculum further down on this page. Any other enquiries, please email to dredward@thehealingvet.com 

Hi- It’s Dr. Ed and Caren (your teachers) here. This document gives you an outline of what you’ll be learning and putting into practice in WEBB for Horses .

This is the first time around for WEBB for Horses. It’s in Beta, so there may be some adjustments to the flow, curriculum, and how it all works. 

Special Introductory Pricing – Home Practitioner $3,500 AUD, Professional $5,500 AUD 

If you feel a calling for this work, please book your free discovery call with me (Dr. Ed) at https://calendly.com/webb-thv/horses-discovery-call – 

Live sessions in Australia, Taradale Victoria March 16/17 2024, In Canada Tottenham, Ontario May 25/26 2024.

Enrollments close on Friday the 16th Feb. Only available as an in-person training! You must be able to attend in person.

WEBB for Horses Q&A - Canada 2024


I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it's made. He's only put his ears back once...dinner time and I was putting his rug on, which is a normal reaction. Even then it was fleeting. I told him it was OK and I wanted him to be warm. He settled immediately and calmly chomped away.

We've played on obstacles, trail-ridden over some significant hills, and been to a lesson. Not once has he pinned his ears even when I've saddled him. Truly amazing! I find he's looking at me super focused but with soft eyes and face. When I pat his sides he's completely fine with it too.

I think his change was way faster than mine... I had quite an emotional few days. I was exhausted and didn't feel like riding at all. We just hung out and played over a few obstacles. I think he loved it. A few days later we went on a big trail ride, and he was so motivated and full of energy. It was the first time I laughed out loud on a ride in a long time. We had a lot of fun! I have been talking to a lot of riders about our session together. They are amazed at the difference.

I would like to share my experience this past week in working distantly with a troubled mare using WEBB Energywork. The mare, Elsie, is in New York. I am in Queensland, Australia. Elsie's owner, Amy was at her wit's end trying to help Elsie who was very stressed, a weaver (a vice where the horse habitually sways from side to side) and in being unsettled was ramming gates and hitting her head on her stable wall. The vet had prescribed Prozac for Elsie, but with little effect.

Eventually the vet suggested an animal communicator, as if the barn owner asked Amy to move Elsie to another barn, she didn't know what she could do with her.

The behaviours had started several years ago, but had become much worse in the last two years. I was the second animal communicator to connect with Elsie. The first hadn't been able to get much from her. I, too, found her reluctant to chat at first and decided to do a WEBB Energy Work session.

The change in Elsie was immediate, and Amy now feels that she has the old Elsie back, that she hasn't seen in several years. While still weaving at times, Elsie can now stay out in the paddock for hours on end, happily grazing whereas she used to become unsettled after about 10 minutes. She ignores horses working in the arena where she can see them, and her paddock buddy now likes her instead of trying to kick her as soon as they got together.

Elsie is also no longer hitting the wall of the stable with her head, or repeatedly ramming gates, and is allowing Amy and her family to pat her and cuddle her again. She has also become interested in life again, calling out to Amy and asking to be taken out to the paddock, instead of weaving, head circling and hitting her head against the stable wall.

The behaviours haven't disappeared completely, but are much improved after one week.