Here’s how Animal Communication + Energy Healing helps pets heal


Animal Communication

Animal Communication and Energy Healing have real, measurable benefits for your pets (and for you)


I grew up in a very conservative community. Out in the bush, where intuitive awareness was not even on the radar, let alone the ‘WOO’ that many people seem to think that Animal Communication and Energy Healing is. I now know better – years of deep experience has shown me that Animal Communication and Energy Healing have real, measurable benefits for our pets, and support healing. 

I had some very strong, unexplainable experiences in my younger days- seeing a group of tiny people on an anthill (such a timeless, blissful experience of connection and unity) when I was very small, and then catching a glimpse of a ghost in our house one night, among other strange things. 

These experiences were minimised, or poo-pooed. However, they left an indelible mark upon me – and when I became very ill with CFS and Lyme disease many years later, and Western medicine very quickly ran out of anything that could help, I started exploring alternatives. 

I went to a massage therapist in our local town who was also an energy healer. His work gave me more symptomatic relief than anything else did- so I got curious, and started working with another world-leading energy healer on the internet. Again, I noticed that these sessions helped me feel a lot better. 

Then I learned energy healing, completing the EMF Balancing Technique training. This was a HUGE experience for me- I could suddenly feel the healing energy pouring through my body, out of my hands, into the body and energy fields of the people I was practicing with. And again, learning and practicing this work increased my well-being another notch. 

I went home and practiced and practiced. Every time I connected with and directed the healing energies with my intention, imagination, my consciousness, within a few minutes, my little crazy Staffie dog, Tikka, would come bumpety-clump up the steps and sit at my feet. 

At first, I thought this was a strange coincidence – but after dozens of times, it was clear that Tikka could sense or feel the healing energy, and she liked it. I started to integrate Energy Healing into my veterinary practice, and again, could see the animals responding. 

A little cat who was fading after MAJOR abdominal surgery suddenly sparked up with a short energy healing session and went from grey, dull, looking like she was dying, to turning the corner, the spark of life glowing once more. 

A dog recently rehomed who kept jumping the fence and running off – one energy healing session (at a distance) and she never ran away again. 

More recently, an old Akita with severe chronic autoimmune disease- so unwell they were considering putting him to sleep, had tried every veterinary treatment under the sun with no response. One energy healing session saw a 50% improvement in all his symptoms – like a switch was flipped! He was once again happy.

There are a growing number of high-grade scientific studies (double-blinded, randomised,  replicated)that show Energy healing can have a measurable benefit, significantly stronger than placebo. It’s not ‘WOO’ – it’s real!

Animal Communication Can Help Unearth the CAUSE of Health Problems in Your Pets


Animal communication often helps me to understand what’s underneath problems like anxiety or some illnesses in the animals that I care for as a vet. I’ll intuitively experience a feeling, or get a flash of insight about something that the humans are either unaware of, or don’t think is important. Often addressing this leads to a massive shift and profound healing for the animals (and the humans). 

These are intuitive arts and science. All of us humans are born as exquisitely sensitive, intuitive, empathic beings – but most of us shut down or lose this awareness to survive the human jungle of societal patterning, or from a need to fit in and be accepted. 

Anyone and everyone can re-awaken their intuitive, empathic gifts. It may take a little time and practice, but it’s a very learnable skill, an inherent attribute of humanity that can be nourished and nurtured until you have strong conscious control and awareness of it!

Imagine learning how to feel and sense what your animals are feeling and thinking! 

Imagine how that would empower you to be able to pick up on illness or distress in your pets earlier, and then be able to help them sooner. 

Imagine how much happier you will be, when you are more connected with your pets, and enjoy a deeper, richer relationship and bond with them. 

Imagine how much more smoothly your life could run when you are intuitively able to sense and feel not only your pets, but the intentions and energetics of other humans. 

All of this is possible. I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to do this in a matter of weeks. Intuitive development, Animal Communication, and Energy Healing are passions of mine, which is why I’m super-excited to be a featured speaker at the Animals Communication & Energy Healing Summit, Hosted and created by Dr Cara Gubbins – a world-leading teacher of Animal Communication.

I’ll be joining a whole big swag of world-leading experts from the intuitive, Animal Communication and Energy Healing space – my topics are “Healing Anxiety: Untangling Trauma, Silent Pain, and Subtle Energy Influences” with the bonus add-on short session of  “Embodied Empathy, Your Doorway to Healing Anxiety With Your Pets” And for the intuitive business development addon, I’m speaking on “Being of Service: A Practical Foundation for Intuitive Business”.

You can register for the summit, and attend totally for free at

The Summit goes live from September 19th-23rd. Register now to claim your free seat. This is one of my favourite events of the year. The knowledge shared here is of the charts, incredible wisdom and information!

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