The Most Common Diseases in Cats and Dogs


Common Diseases Cats Dogs

Getting to the root cause for true healing of common diseases in pets

Ever wondered what the most common diseases are in your dogs  or cats?

Many pets I see in the vet hospital have chronic conditions. Chronic diseases are a huge frustration for many pet guardians. They are hard to treat, expensive (lots of vet visits), and make your pet’s life miserable. 

There’s also a good sprinkling of acute problems – though it’s important to note that many acute issues have a chronic foundation, and are really flare-ups of that underlying imbalance in your pet’s systems. 

Here’s a chart with the most common diseases we see in pets according to a big pet insurance company. Check it out, I’ll discuss this down below. 

Here is a list of common diseases in pets




1. Skin Allergies (Chronic, may present initially as acute)

1. Bladder or Urinary Tract Disease (often acute, may be chronic)

2. Ear Infection (Can be acute, often becomes chronic)

2. Periodontitis/Dental Disease (Chronic)

3. Non-cancerous Skin Mass (Chronic)

3. Chronic Kidney Disease (Chronic)

4. Skin Infection (Acute or chronic)

4. Vomiting/Upset Stomach (Acute or Chronic)

5. Arthritis (Chronic)


5. Excessive Thyroid Hormone (Chronic)

6. Vomiting/Upset Stomach (Generally acute, sometimes chronic)

6. Diarrhoea/Intestinal Upset (Acute or Chronic)

7. Periodontitis/Dental Disease (Chronic unless due to injury/broken teeth)

7. Diabetes (Chronic, may develop slowly)

8. Diarrhoea/ Intestinal Upset (can be acute or chronic)

8. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Chronic)

9. Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection (Acute or chronic)

9. Upper Respiratory Infection (Acute, may then become Chronic)

10. Soft Tissue Trauma (Bruise or Contusion) (Acute)

10.  Lymphoma a form of cancer (Acute and then may be chronic for a time)

I think they have missed some important ones. 

I’d like to add Anxiety (I include behaviour problems of any kind in this category), Kennel Cough, Obesity, Cataracts, Arthritis, Broken Bones and Cancer.

Ear infections and skin infections, if chronic, nearly always have allergies as the primary cause. The allergies make your pets hot and damp, then secondary infections move in. 

Immune dysregulation is also a key cause of chronic gastrointestinal problems – Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD. Food allergies can be a factor here too. 

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of a lot of other common problems. I believe that inflammation is an important causative factor in Arthritis, allergies, IBD, dental disease, cancer, skin disease – and indeed in all chronic diseases!

Acute issues will heal with a single round of treatment – if you keep having to come back to the vet, you’ll have a chronic problem, and then you’ll need to look at reducing inflammation long-term, and resetting the immune system back to a healthy state. 

Easier said than done, but a healthy fresh foods diet, minimising any revaccinations (titer test first to see if it’s needed), and then working to make the diet, environment (Physical, mental and emotional), and your inner state all calm, healthy and toxin-free is what’s needed to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

You will probably need veterinary support. Working with a holistic vet and a homoeopath often helps a lot. You may have to experiment with many approaches, treatments, herbs, supplements, remedies and foods before you hit the right combination for your pet. 

It’s rare that you won’t be able to get reasonable to good improvement with animals with chronic illness, and often you’ll be able to help them a lot. 

Another thing I see is that (more often than not), people in the family will have the same kind of chronic illness as the pets. The more these people care for themselves and get healthier, generally the better their pets get too!

In the end, all chronic disease is the body trying (and failing) to move into greater health and well-being. Inflammation is a normal part of the healing process, but it gets stuck on in these cases. It gets stuck on because the immune system is confused (dysregulated, hypersensitive, over-reactive to things it should not react to). 

How you need to work to cure these issues is to work by modulating and harmonising the immune system, and at the same time reducing inflammation throughout the body. More about that in my next newsletter and live video!

Here’s a link to the youtube video 🙂