The healing power of touch


Loving touch in and of itself is deeply healing.

Aside from the comfort and communication of connection and support, touch releases all sorts of beneficial hormones in both the being doing the touching, and the being who is being touched.

There is a deep, deep connection that is comforting, relaxing, strengthens the immune system, and supports joy, happiness, and peace. Loving touch also leads to a reduction in stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline). Loving touch is stress-busting! It supports relaxation and presence.

Let’s look at the hormones released with loving touch, and the benefits they bring.

  • Oxytocin: the bonding hormone. It makes your relationships stronger, deeper, and wider. It reduces stress (promotes relaxation), and also is involved in the formation of emotional memories. It reduces addictive behaviours. Oxytocin improves social connection and behaviour, and it also supports healthy sleep. It also increases generous behaviours, and gratitude, empathy and social cohesion.
  • Dopamine: Increases motivation, helps with memory and learning, and increases attention and focus. It makes animals more social and extroverted. It modulates the immune system and can reduce inflammation. It can increase bone strength and supports cognitive flexibility.
  • Seratonin: Mood regulator, increases happiness, modulates bone growth.

Oxytocin is king here – it’s so important in so many ways. The connection hormone! The big win is that when you give your animals loving, you get a lovely big dose of oxytocin too. But the release of hormones, while easy to measure, are only the tip of a huge iceberg of benefits.

Touch is calming. Touch builds trust, connection, and strengthens your bond with your animals. Touch calms cardiovascular stress and activates the vagus nerve. It turns on the parasympathetic nervous system- downregulating the ‘fight/flight’ response and turning on the ‘rest/digest’ response.

This is all before we consider the more subtle effects of touch. Loving touch is one of the most profound and beautiful modes of communication available. It has been shown in research that a short physical touch, without any verbal content or indeed any visibility of the person communicating at all, is a surprisingly accurate way to receive information about the emotional state of the other person.

This means that you can feel what your animal’s internal state is through touch, and they can feel yours. Isn’t that amazing? This is a deep, natural empathic communication. The more you touch your animals, the better you know them, the more they feel you, the more relaxed and happy everyone becomes!

And all of this from simple, loving, warm touch.

Intentional touch turbocharges the benefits


If you want to level up, learning intentional, healing touch will amplify all of the above benefits, and also bring in many more. It’s easy to learn how to bless your animals with intentional touch, healing bodywork. All you need is your beautiful hands, a loving heart, and willingness to put in the time to learn and practice.

I have been working hands-on with animals for 24 years. I have seen over and again how animals blossom in the most delightful ways after they have bodywork treatments. They become happier, more playful, more active, more connected with their humans, and we often see remarkable improvements in anxiety and trauma symptoms.

With intentional touch, you will be able to learn how to read your pet’s body – how to find where pain or tension or trauma has become stuck in the soft tissues, the neuro-fascial network. Then you’ll be able to gently, lovingly engage hands-on with any problems you find, and over time, simply melt that suffering right out of your fur kid’s life.

Every pet parent needs to learn these skills. The sad truth is that even many vets miss silent pain. This doesn’t mean they are bad vets, but the problem is poorly understood, not taught in vet schools, and you need to know how to assess for it to be sure of finding it.

It’s easy to learn once you know how. The problem is that most people don’t even know how much a problem silent pain is, let alone how to assess for and relieve it!

This is why I created the Whole Energy Body Balance method. It’s a comprehensive bodywork and energy healing modality for pets. You can become a home practitioner, or get certified and go out into the world and the animals free from suffering. This training is for anyone and everyone who loves animals. You could be a pet mum, a groomer, a trainer, right through to vets.

The benefits of learning WEBB are:

  1. You’ll always be able to find silent pain, tension, and trauma in your animal’s body.
  2. You’ll be able to melt away pain, tension, anxiety, and trauma with a broad range of high-level hands-on skills.
  3. You’ll learn how to understand and communicate with your fur-kids at a whole new level.
  4. Your bond of love and connection will get even deeper (yes, that is possible!).
  5. You’ll be able to soothe over-excitement and anxiety with special hands-on techniques (this is a great support when it comes to training dogs with behaviour problems).
  6. You’ll make your pets life a whole lot better place!

Touch is life. Without healthy, loving touch, all living beings suffer and fade away from themselves. I’m sure you already touch your pets a lot. However, I encourage you to touch them even more. One way to begin to get some of the benefits of intentional touch is to simply slow down the movements of your hands on your pet’s body. You can do your normal stroking or petting motions, but slow them down to half the normal speed.

Then after a little while, slow down the movements to half that speed again. You’ll notice your animal will tend to relax more deeply, and you will too. If you want to strengthen this effect more, also bring all of your awareness into your hands, and really listen to your pet’s body with your hands as you touch them. You may notice shifts within yourself as you do this.

Loving touch is the best medicine – and when you learn how to do intentional, healing bodywork, you’ll be giving both your beautiful animals, and your beautiful self, one of the greatest gifts there is….

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