Why I love working as a vet


Bodywork For Pets

Before I dig into why I love working as a vet, I want to say thank you to you, my people, my devoted pet parents, my tribe. Thanks for taking time to read, to listen, to learn, and to work with me to help your pets have the best life possible. You give so much to my life, and I appreciate it!

My passion in life is to make a difference for animals. I do that in a couple of different ways. One way I help animals is as a registered practicing veterinarian. I work in the trenches, as a veterinarian in an amazing vet hospital here in the Peninsula in Melbourne. Bentons Road Vets are a fantastic integrative medicine focused practice.

It’s been amazing going back to work in a hospital again after so many years working on my own in my home visit practice. A bit like being a new graduate again – bringing old skills back online, doing surgery, dentals, x-rays, and having all of the resources of a well-equipped hospital to hand. Seeing animals come back in a whole lot better after treatment is SO rewarding! If you want me to help your animals on this level, please click through to the Bentons Road website and ask to make an appointment with Dr Edward. I’d love to help, and I can help by way of zoom no matter where you are in the world.

It’s been a wonderful challenge to integrate the other way I help animals (My life work and deepest passion) into the veterinary hospital setting. Over the past 23 years, I have created the Whole Energy Body Balance method– a comprehensive integrated healing bodywork modality for pets, people and horses.

The gentle, intentional, loving touch of WEBB melts away silent pain (the MOST commonly missed health issue I see in practice: more than half of the pets I see have significant silent pain their humans are unaware of). Not only that, WEBB has a profoundly healing effect on the nervous system, and can heal dogs, cats (and other company ion animals, horses, even people). This means you can often treat animals with severe anxiety, trauma, and other behaviour issues (reactivity, over-excitement etc.) with WEBB and see amazing improvements.

I believe the most important way I make a difference for animals in the world is to empower devoted pet parents like you to take their pet’s health into their own two hands. The most important way I do this is to teach WEBB. We have online trainings that make it easy for pet parents to learn how to easily, accurately, and consistently find and melt silent pain, trauma, and anxiety out of your pet’s body, and out of their life. Anyone can learn how to do this. Our students typically see wonderful changes in their animals within weeks of starting the online training. Some see changes after the first lesson!

Another way that I help make a difference for animals is by sharing information on how to care for your pets holistically. There is so much you can do to keep your pets vital and healthy! I’ll be opening up for a Q&A session that I’ll run live on Facebook next week, and I’d love to hear from YOU! Please ask any questions you may have for me, or topics you’d like me to do blogs or videos on, in the comments.

If you haven’t yet watched my Silent Pain Masterclass, or attended the free WEBB fundamentals introductory workshop, click though and watch them now. You’ll learn so much that can help your animals!

I’m also devoted to personal development and well being for myself, and I’ve found that the more pet parents care for and love themselves, the better the outcomes for their pets. I offer life coaching services that focus on not only helping you move your life into a healthier, more constructive direction, but also help you give your pets the best life possible. If you’d like to enquire about that, please email me at dredward@thehealingvet.com