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Bodywork For Pets

Bodywork Home Practitioner​

Profound healing for pets: Created and taught by Dr. Edward (The Healing Vet)

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Bodywork Professional Practitioner​

Profound healing for pets: Created and taught by Dr. Edward (The Healing Vet)

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Energywork Home Practitioner​

Profound healing for pets: Created and taught by Dr. Edward (The Healing Vet)

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Energywork Professional Practitioner​

Profound healing for pets: Created and taught by Dr. Edward (The Healing Vet)

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Holistic Pet Health + Vitality Mastery

Supporting peak health and vitality naturally (a program for pet parents who want to give their pets the best, longest, happiest life possible)

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Dr. Ed’s Events + Specials

Here’s your chance to make a massive difference for your beloved pets. We have a significant price increase coming very soon, and this is your chance to save 50% off the present price fo our flagship programs…

If you just want to grab your Free Seat for Dr. Ed’s Online Pet Anxiety Summit, click here now. You’;; find more info about the summit and speakers further down this page!

Special Opportunity #1: Beat the THV/WEBB Price Rise With Our 50% Off Sale (Closes Sunday, Sept 17th)

Here’s your chance to grab all of the following programs, at the existing pricing, and with 50% off.

  • WEBB Bodywork for Pets (Home or Professional) – Find and heal your pets’ Silent Pain (Soft tissue, neck + back, neuro-fascial pain), heal anxiety, heal trauma. Make a massive difference for your own pets, with the only treatment that effectively finds and heals these problems naturally. Help your own pets with the Home program, or create the best job on the planet with the professional certification! To get your 50% discount for the Home program, click here, and for the professional program, click here. Keen to learn more? You can pop into the information page at this link (But don’t purchase from that page, as the discount will not be applied)

After your 50% discount: Home BW one time is $588 AUD or 12 monthly payments of  $49 AUD (and bundled with WEBB EW is $1058.40 0r 12x $ 88.20) Professional BW is $2748.50 AUD, or 12 monthly payments of $229.50 (and bundled with WEBB EW is $4974.30 0r 12x $413.10)

  • WEBB Energywork for Animals (Home or Professional) – High level Intuitive awakening and development, and a massive tool kit of high vibrational Energy Healing Skills you can use in-person or at a distance… Check out the full information page at this link. (Don’t purchase from that page, as the discount will not be applied. You can bundle the Energywork program with Bodywork and save an extra 10% with the above link (a second page pops up after you enroll at the links above to allow you to add this in) – If you want to enroll in only Energywork, you’ll need to book a free discovery call with me at this link.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are keen to enroll in any of the professional certification programs, it’s highly recommended to book a free discovery call with me! Love to meet you, answer all your questions, and make sure you understand it all! You can book your free discovery call with me at this link. If you want to upgrade any programs you’re already enrolled in, please also book a discovery call so I can help you do that. 

  • THV Holistic Pet Health + Vitality Mastery – This is a 16-session pre-recorded program where I go deep into every facet of holistic pet health care – with a strong focus on increasing your pet’s vitality. We cover ~ Holistic Health Care ~ Fresh Whole Food Diet ~ Disease Protection ~ Parasite Prevention ~ Dental Health ~ How You Affect Your Pets ~ Environment ~ Anxiety/Over Excitement ~ Old Pets ~ Superfoods + Supplements ~ Puppy/Kitten Vaccinations ~ Empathic Connection With Your Pets~ After your 50% discount $848 AUD one time payment or $78 AUD each month for 12 months. If you want a comprehensive knowledge base about how to give your pets the best possible holistic health care, you’ll LOVE this program!

Special Opportunity #2: A free ticket to The Pet Anxiety Summit, Hosted by Dr. Ed

This is one of the absolute highlights of my year and one of the most important events that your pets absolutely need you to attend. Stacks of new presentations by world-leading experts. This year we are digging into the prevention of anxiety, and how gut health affects anxiety (super-important). Totally free to attend live – and a very affordable upgrade to the all-access pass, which gives you lifetime access to all of the recordings. (You will likely want to watch these presentations several times, as there is a lot of information in them!) Click here now to grab your free ticket…

Day 1: Prevention of Anxiety (Behaviour and Training)

Featuring a brand new presentation by me on  ‘Nervous System Co-Regulation – Nip Pet Anxiety In The Bud’, Shanti Zinzi speaking on ‘Feline Anxiety Prevention’, Ness Jones on ‘How To Avoid Separation Anxiety in Dogs’, Doggy Dan on ‘Anxiety and the Dog Calming Code’, and Kamal Fernadez on Compassionate Training Techniques To Prevent Anxiety’.

Day 2: Anxiety and Gut

Here we dig into a topic that is all brand new, and incredibly important. The gut-brain axis is a huge contributing factor to causing anxiety, and fixing the gut often helps anxious pets out of sight!

Featuring Ruth Hatten on ‘The Microbiome-Anxiety Connection’, Dr. Meghan Barrett on ‘The Gut-Brain Axis, Vagal Tone, And Anxiety’, and Dr. Margot Roman on ‘How the Microbiome Affects The Mental Health Of The Pet’.

Day 3: Complementary / Alternative Therapies for Anxiety

Here we dive into all the natural, holistic treatments and approaches for preventing and healing your pet’s anxiety. This is probably my favorite day of the whole event!

Featuring Joan Ranquet on ‘Animal Communication With Anxiety’, Dr. Janet Roarke on ‘Essential Oils for Animals with Anxiety’, Dr. Casara Andre on ‘The Potentials Of Psychedelic Medicines For Anxious Pets’, Dr. Jeff Feienemann on Homeopathy for Healing Anxiety’, and Lisa Spector on ‘Music For Anxious Pets’.

Day 4: Integrative Veterinary Treatment Of Anxiety for Cats + Dogs

Vets are of course the most skilled animal health professionals, and we have a team of amazing integrative and holistic veterinarians sharing their wisdom about how to treat anxiety in pets on day four!

Featuring Christina Chambreau, CVH on ‘Preventing and Resolving Anxiety Energetically”, Dr, Robert Silver on ‘An Integrative Approach to Anxiety in Our Pets’, I’ll be speaking again on How To Teach Your Pets Resilient Relaxation’, and we will be reviewing Dr. Alex Avery’s presentation from last years (because it’s so important) on ‘Why You Need A Veterinary Exam And Workup And The Underlying Causes Of Anxiety’

Day 5: Understanding and Managing Pet Anxiety

On day 5, we are reviewing several of the MOST important presentations from last year’s summit. There’s a couple from me, one from a specialist veterinary animal behaviourist, and another from one of the best animal communicators on the planet.

Click here to grab your free Pet Anxiety Summit Ticket!