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Matter and Energy – The Two Sides Of True Healing

Healing is a return to the natural state of any living being – balance, harmony, homeostasis, vitality, or wholeness. Whenever there is disease of any kind present or active, the living being has moved away from its natural state, and into a state of imbalance. Energy healing is a way to help your pets stay well, or recover from illness, surgery, or other traumas.

We live in a society that places great importance on the physical aspects of reality. If something can’t be physically measured, weighed, seen, or interacted with, it tends to be discounted, shoved into the ‘woo-woo’ basket, or ignored.

This is kind of strange because the science we depend so heavily on has also proven that everything that we sense or see as physical, as solid, as reality, is actually 99.999999% nothing, nada, space.

How “woo” is quantum physics?

When we dig into quantum physics, all sorts of strange, unexplainable phenomena are also the bread and butter of hard science. Take the humble photon, the element or unit of light. Is the photon a particle (solid, concrete) or is it a wave (pure energy)? The hard and fast answer that science will give is something like this. “Well, you know, it can be either a particle, or a wave, or indeed it may be in some kind of undefined state in which it could be a particle or a wave, and we won’t know which until we try to find out” – as in the act of observation collapses the photon into a particle or a wave.

Add to this the wonderful, flat-out magical phenomena of quantum entanglement – when two photons, separated in space – the pair or group of particles act as if they are a single, unified thing in terms of measurable qualities. They behave the same, they essentially are the same, and if one particle is affected by something and changes, the other particles change in response to this.

To bend your brain a little bit further, the simple act of observing or measuring the qualities of one of these particles causes it to collapse from a state of potential or possibility (in which it is effectively both particle and wave simultaneously, or perhaps neither) into a discrete, measurable state of being. And this will then instantly affect any other particles that are quantumly entangled with the particle being observed or measured. They will shift in lockstep, instantly.

Matter is Energy, Energy is Matter

Einstein’s classic equation shows us the relationship between matter and energy. e = mc2

The amount of energy in a physical object (e) is equal to the mass multiplied by the speed of light (c) squared. This tells us that there is an immense amount of energy in everything that is physical, what we call matter. Remember that 99.999999% of everything that we perceive to be solid is pure space – the actual physical particles such as protons, neutrons, electrons, etc, take up next to nothing of the actual physical thing.

Many of the particles that make up matter are dynamic, not fixed. Electrons that are bound up into atoms exist in a three-dimensional, ‘cloud-like’ wave function state. They are more a vibration than a thing, with a particular frequency. When chemical reactions take place in the body, atoms are combined or split apart, and every time this happens there are shifts in the nature and vibrations of energy in the system.

You and your animals are both physical and energy beings

You can’t say anything is only physical, or only energy. They are always both, and the physical and energetic natures of anything (and especially living beings) are in a continual dance or interaction. The physical affects the energetic. The energetic effects the physical. This is why, if you want to support true healing in yourself, or your pets, you need to consider and interact with the living being both physically and energetically to get the best possible outcomes.

This is why an old Akita I treated a few years ago didn’t respond to all kinds of physical treatments. This dog had severe autoimmune disease, and was so unwell that the owners were seriously considering putting him to sleep. I did one energy healing session, where I mostly worked hands-off, hardly touching the physical body at all. There was an almost instant 50% improvement in all the symptoms, which lasted from that time on.

Energy-based healing interventions may include (but are not limited to) Energy Healing of many different kinds – the Whole Energy Body Balance method (which I created and teach) is one – along with many others like reiki, reconnection work, pranic healing, etc. Flower essences and homeopathy also interact with the living being at the level of frequencies and vibrations of energy.

Physical interventions affect and shift the energy systems of the body. For example, in rare cases vaccination can totally dysregulate the energetic (and physical) system of the body, triggering chronic autoimmune disease. Bodywork can clear energy blockages.

Energy-based interventions affect and shift the physical systems of the body. In the case of the dog I mentioned above, an energy healing intervention created a huge shift towards greater health when a broad range of more physically based or allopathic treatments didn’t help at all. It made a very physical difference.

The bottom line is that Energy healing can be a very powerful tool when it comes to healing. However, seeing as there is not a lot of high-grade evidence, I do not make any claims for energy healing. I advise you to always use energy healing as adjunctive therapy, and to always, always go to a vet when your animals are sick. I have seen cases when owners were fundamentalist about only using totally natural treatments and energy healing, and it caused the animals in question severe suffering or contributed to an untimely death.

Of course, I advise to always have an integrative or holistic vet on your pet wellness team, even if they are remote and you interact by zoom or phone, in parallel with your regular veterinary hospital. Anyone can learn how to help their pets with energy healing. And you can do this at a distance, so even if your pets need to be in hospital, you can do something to help them through illness and surgery with energy healing.

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