How To Help Your Pets #3: Change + Challenge



Change is necessary for a healthy life!

Change is unavoidable, and something you really want to welcome if you want your life to grow, and your pets to be healthy. Many people find any kind of change to be a challenge and try to keep things the same, no matter what. I reckon this is just about the worst mistake you can make in life. The longer you avoid change, the more you try to stop it, and the more disruptive and potentially dangerous the inevitable change will be when it becomes inevitable.

Let’s consider the example of your lovely pet. Over a week or two, a lump appears over their ribcage. It’s about pea-sized, but it is growing slowly. If you go and get it sorted out immediately, and don’t sit on it, even if it is cancer, and you remove it as easily as possible, the chances are you’ll get clean margins, and there may well not have been enough time for this cancer to spread.

If you avoid the issue, because you are afraid of the change that needs to happen (going to your vet, investigating if this lump is dangerous, diagnostics, potentially surgery to remove the lump) – then you’ll wait and wait to see what happens. A month or two later, maybe that lump is now the size of a cherry tomato. And it’s suddenly growing faster, and looking a bit ugly and unusual. Now when you go to the vet, everything is harder- maybe it’s so large it’s hard to get margins. Maybe it’s metastasised. Suddenly what was a small problem could be a big problem, because you avoided the necessary change you needed to make.

This is true of everything. Relationships. Your self-care. Your pet’s well-being maintenance. Your growth as a human. They all require that you embrace healthy change, and be willing to continually go through the discomfort that is part of all healthy changes.

Challenge is your cue to rise to the occasion!

What’s your response to challenges in your life? Do you fold up and collapse? Or do you rise and flourish? I talk a lot about healthy discomfort, and how I welcome that in my life. In fact, I seek it. Why? Because I know that if I am always comfortable, if I get stuck in comfort zones in all aspects of my life, I’m literally dying, stagnating, and setting myself up for much, much bigger challenges in the future. Perhaps disastrous ones!

Every challenge that faces you, large or small, as you move through life, requires you to change something in how you behave, in what you do, and in a very important way, who you are. It’s a two-way street – because you have to face up to your challenges, too. And the more you do this, the healthier your life becomes – and the happier and healthier your beloved pets become as a result of your showing up, growing, improving, evolving.

How can you consistently rise to the occasion as challenges erupt into your life, small, medium, or super-sized? If it’s a scary challenge, ask yourself this question.

‘What’s the best possible thing that could come out of this?’

Asking this question opens up possibility, and stops you from doom-spiraling into the worst possible case scenarios. That never helps.

Another thing you can do is to ask for help. Reach out to friends or people with expertise in this particular thing. Got a tax problem? Talk to an accountant. Having problems maintaining a healthy weight? (Could be you or your pets.) Work with someone with a track record of success in this thing. Want to get fit and healthy? Get some appropriate coaching.

But for me, the most important thing I can do is to choose to rise to the challenges that are meeting me in this day, this week, this year, this life. I will not curl up and die. I will not die wondering. I will be willing to fail, to fall down, to get back up, to dust myself off, and to keep on showing up until I find a way.

Doing this helps you, which helps your pets. And the more proactive you are (or in other words, willing to continually make healthy new changes), the more you’ll be giving your pets the best life possible. And that’s incredibly important.

If you want me to help you (or your pets) you can see how at and – love to hear from you!

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