How to help your pets #20 – Time and Space


time and space

Time and Space are incredible medicines – but how to create them in today’s crazy world?

Time and space are what our animals, and our beautiful selves, need to thrive. The trouble is, most people think they are time-poor. Or they make themselves time-poor. Space is another issue. There is a need for adequate physical space, yes, but we often forget or neglect the need for emotional space, mental space, space to grow, or space to simply be quiet and do nothing for a little while.

Our nervous systems need time to process, space to integrate. This is us, the humans, and our beautiful animals. Because we humans are responsible for our lives, and the lives of our animals, it’s up to us to take the time and space we need for ourselves first. But not in a selfish way. This is not greedy, or neglectful. It’s what’s required to fill our cups, so that we can then overflow abundance of connection, love, presence, patience, calmness, and som many other good things from our lives, into the lives of our beautiful animals.

I see a lot of humans who give, give, give to their animals, without first nourishing themselves. It ends up being a serious problem for the animals in the long term, because they only have a half, a quarter, or even less of their human to connect with, to be cared by.

Time and Space are precious, and the good news is that you CAN get better at creating and managing both!

I used to be diabolically unorganised. And I could never run on time, or organise my time. This led to large amounts of stress in my life, and a lot of running around trying to fix things that were put out of wack by my unwillingness to get structured and efficient in how I lived my life. I had this idea that structure and organisation would reduce the time and space I had in my life, that it would somehow take away my freedom.

Turns out I was wrong. My business grew to a point where I simply had to get more organised, more structured, more careful and caring of how I managed my time and space. As soon as I did, I had more freedom, and I had more time to do non-work, fun things, hang out and connect with, play with, have fun with my pets.

I could also more easily create time and space for all the things that I love to do, all the things that need to get done, and of course for my beloved animals. Win-win-win.

Here are the kinds of Time and Space your pets need the most!

They need time to be with you, to enjoy connection, relationship, play, touch, and love. They need time to rest, to have down time, to switch off and let go. They need time for play, for fun. They need time to grow, to learn, to process, assimilate, and integrate. They need recovery time after big changes, or any kinds of stress/trauma, large and small. They need time to hang out with the other animals in their life, to build friendships and connections.

When it comes to space, your pets need space to move physically, and emotionally. You have to make sure that all the furry family members get all the space they need to connection with you, to have freedom from bullying or overwhelm, to explore, to sniff, to relax. Space is a curious thing. The more you have of it, the more you can expand into it, and the same is true for your pets!

The more you get yourself into a place where you can consistently and generously give your pets all the time and space they need to thrive, to be joyful, to feel safe, loved, connected and present in their lives, the more you’ll see your pets blossom, grow, and evolve to become more and more of who they are.

Time and space. This is your responsibility. No-one else can give your pets these priceless gifts. But you may have to make changes, embrace healthy discomfort, and grow into more of your beautiful self, before you can give your animals what they need. More time and space.

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