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Energy Healing is a beautiful way to connect with, understand, and support your animals

I came to energy healing out of necessity. I had Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and Western medicine had run out of possibilities. I was miserable, exhausted, in a lot of pain. The only thing that gave me any kind of symptomatic relief was energy healing. So I learned how to do it. I went off to a weekend workshop, where my life changed deeply, and forever.

I could feel the energy moving through me, rushes and tingles and flow. Mind blown! Then, when I went home and practiced, my little staffy dog, Tikka, would come and sit at my feet within minutes. The first few times I thought ‘Wow – that’s a strange coincidence!’

But it was repeatable, and after dozens of occurrences, it was clear to me that

a) Tikka could somehow sense and feel what I was doing, and

b) she liked it and wanted to be near to me while I was expressing and moving healing energy.

I integrated energy healing into my work as a vet. Just the other week I was doing a WEBB Energywork session with a border collie in the UK, on the other side of the planet. As I moved my focus of attention from one energy center to the next, she would take a deep breath, or stretch, or show sudden and obvious physiological relaxation signs.

My clients see obvious changes in their animals after energy healing sessions – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This work makes a real, tangible difference. And everyone can learn how to do this. We all hold powerful healing potential. It is our living birthright, waiting to be awakened.

Energy healing has significant scientific evidence to support its efficacy. Several ‘A-grade’ studies show that energy healing interventions can have a significant impact, statistically significantly greater than placebo.

Energy healing has been, and continues to be, one of the core practices that has aided me in my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme. Not only that, it has significantly accelerated my spiritual growth and evolution – and has increased my sensitivity, perception, awareness, and empathic connection with all beings, the world, and the Universe. It is quite simply all kinds of beautiful.

How I used Energy Healing to help my new horses settle into their new paddock today.

We had two horses join our family a little over a week ago (you’ll see a picture of them below). They started off being in a smaller paddock right beside our house. However, they started chewing on the house – so I popped them out in the big paddock (about 4 acres) last night.

This morning, Star, the old mare (a 16-year-old Standardbred) was up and down the fence, aroused, frustrated, wanting to get back into the smaller paddock. She was clearly feeling unhappy, moving quickly at a walk, wagging her head, and unable to settle. She was also being piggy with Medallion, laying ears back, backing up and threatening to kick. Having lots of feels!

I was in our living room, doing my Chi Gong practice. It was clear that she could see me, and I got the sense she was swearing at me. Lots of naughty words! While I practiced my movement, I decided to work with WEBB Energywork, energy healing, to see if I could ease her transition to this new space.

I started off with imagining and resonating colours throughout her being. The instant I started this, she paused in her movement for the first time. Then she went back to pacing up and down the fenceline. I cycled through several sets of energetic colours, and also worked with helping her connect with Medallion (who was a little way from the fence, head down, munching away).

I also cycled through some vibrational medicine patterns (another energy healing skill from WEBB for Horses). Her arousal levels steadily dropped, in a cycling fashion- more relaxation and presence, then some more arousal and pacing. She went over to Medallion for a little bit, and wasn’t grumpy with him.

She came back over and walked up and down the fence, but with some chewing/licking behaviour, and her head gradually sinking down, her ears relaxing. There was a profound softening of her whole body language. I empathically bridged with her at several points, feeling her frustration in my body, in my consciousness. I got a sense that being out in the big paddock was hard for her, as she has spent most of her life in pretty close confinement.

This is a big part of what happens with Energy Healing with WEBB for Horses. You experience the horse within yourself, there is a deep, empathetic, energetic communion – and this naturally supports healing and transformation for your horse. And also for you!

She walked off a bit, buddied up with Medallion for a short while, and then came back to the fence. Star obviously still wanted to get back into the smaller paddock, but at the same time she obviously felt a lot better about not being able to do so. Much more relaxed, much more present, lowered head carriage, softer ears.

I left them for a while, and just now went back to our living room. Star was walking the fence again, with Medallion gently asking her to break away and come with him. She wasn’t open to that. I directed healing energy under their feet, and within about 30 seconds, Star unlocked from that back fence and led medallion down the side fence to the house, and the creek.

There was some exploring behaviour, and still some calm walking up and down, but now along the side fence. The response in behavior to the energy healing intervention was immediate. My partner was watching – she said ‘Did you see that???’

Energy Healing has a real, physical, and behavioural impact!

Animals are incredibly sensitive to energy healing. They feel it, and they respond to it. If you want to be able to help your horses with energy healing – both in person, and at any distance (and with WEBB Bodywork – healing touch), come and join us in our first ever WEBB for Horses training program. Three months of intensive online preparation and training, followed by an intensive practical hands-on weekend with two guides.teachers – myself (the founder of the method) and Caren Dougall, a registered Vet Tech and full-time equine practitioner and teacher.

The in-person, hands-on weekend is the 25+26 May at Tottenham, Ontario, Canada. Enrollments close this Friday, the 23rd Feb (but if you can’t book a call with me this week, I can stretch that out until the 1st of March).

Pop into this link to watch a replay of Caren and I talking about the all too commonly missed problem of Silent Pain in Horses (Understanding the ‘Difficult’ Horse), to learn more, to download the curriculum of the program, and to book your free discovery call with me.

WEBB for Horses is all kinds of lovely. This work will utterly transform your ability to care for and connect more deeply with your horses!


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